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How Many Potatoes are in One Bottle of Vodka?

Answer: This many.

Potato pile3

This the how many are in one bottle of Karlsson's Vodka, that is. That is one 15-pound bag of Russet potatoes and two 1-pound bags of mini-potatoes, all stacked in my extra-large salad bowl. Perhaps I need to get a real hobby.

Karlsson's uses about 17 pounds of potatoes- nearly twice as much other potato vodka brands, because Karlsson's uses small heirloom potato varietals from southern Sweden. These potatoes are rich in flavor and protein but lower in carbohydrates than traditional Russet potatoes shown above.  They are less efficient for distillation than fuel potatoes- but delicious to eat and drink. 

To put it in perspective, I took the picture next to an empty Karlsson's bottle:

Potato pile2

That's a lot of potatoes! They (well not these) will be fermented, distilled up to 96% ABV, then diluted back down to 40% for bottling strength. 


This post is part of a little project on potatoes and Sweden I'm doing for Karlsson's Vodka. Karlsson's Gold is a blend of seven heirloom potato vodkas. 

Read about my adventures to Sweden with Karlsson's and learn how it's made here