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New Booze: Black Bottle Scotch Reformulates to a Less-Smoky Recipe

BbBurn Stewart Distillers has unveiled the new Black Bottle Scotch Whisky heralding a return to the original Scotch, which the Graham brothers created in Aberdeen at the turn of the 19th Century. 

Burn Stewart Master Distiller, Ian MacMillan, was charged with creating a product which would be more in keeping with its original north east recipe. The result is a slightly smoky taste that maintains the distinctiveness of Black Bottle.

Burn Stewart will launch Black Bottle in new packaging, re-introducing the black flask-shaped bottle which was the original inspiration behind the name of the brand. This iconic bottle was used by the Graham brothers up until the outbreak of the First World War when supplies from the German manufacturer ceased and they were forced to revert to a standard green glass bottle which has remained until the present day.

Black Bottle will be available to buy in the United States beginning in October 2014 in selected on and off trade outlets.

Recommended Retail Price $24.99, 40% ABV



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Daniel K

Glad to see this coming back to shelves in the states. I have certainly missed its presence on the shelves. The new packaging is rather nice, but I am not excited to hear about the smoke reduction in the blend. I wouldn't be surprised if this was partially motivated by the fact that it isn't so easy to get islay stocks these days. For now I'll keep enjoying Bowmore Legend as my daily islay scotch.

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