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New Booze: Six New Cognacs Hit the States, All of Them Expensive

New Booze: 2 White, 1 Aged, and 9 Flavored Whiskies

The flavored whiskey trend continues to grow. The first 9 flavored whiskeys are from Diageo brands, while the other three are white whiskeys and a sherry-finished bourbon. 

Piehole - Pecan PieCrown Royal is introducing the brand’s newest offering and second flavored whisky, Crown Royal Regal Apple. This blend of Crown Royal whiskies is infused with Regal Gala Apples.

Crown Royal Regal Apple (70 proof, 35% ABV) will be available beginning in November at a suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 750 mL bottle.

 Jeremiah Weed Flavored Whiskies are three new whiskies made with secret spices. Jeremiah Weed whiskies are currently available in the following flavors for a suggested retail price of $18.99 for a 750 mL bottle: Spiced Whiskey, Cinnamon Whiskey and Sarsaparilla Whiskey.

 Seagram’s 7 is releasing two new flavored American blended whiskies, Seagram’s 7 Crown Orchard Apple and Seagram’s 7 Crown American Spiced. The new releases (71 proof, 35.5%ABV), will be available this month.

Piehole was inspired by grandma’s favorite pie recipes. They are a blend of Canadian whisky and pie flavored liqueur. This new-to-world product is available in three flavors: Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, and Pecan Pie. Piehole Whiskies will be available beginning in November for a suggested retail price of $14.99 for a 750 mL bottle.


BMB_SherryCaskFinishBelle Meade Bourbon Sherry Cask Finish

Price: $74.99 750 ml

This nine Year-old Belle Meade Bourbon is finished in Oloroso Sherry Casks.

As a limited release, this blend of nine year Bourbon was then aged in Oloroso Sherry casks, imported from Spain.

Nelson's Green Brier Tennessee White Whiskey

Proof: 91 Proof

Price: $19.99 375 ml

Distilled from a mash of corn, wheat and barley then charcoal mellowed. It is single distilled.


Anchor Distilling's Christmas Spirit


XmasChristmas Spirit is an annual collaboration between Anchor Distilling and Anchor Brewing. For the second year, Anchor Distilling Co. has distilled Anchor Brewing’s previous year’s Christmas Ale to create Christmas Spirit, a white spirit from Christmas past.

Every year Anchor Brewing creates a distinctive Christmas Ale, available from early November to mid-January. A rich, dark spiced ale, the secret recipe is different every year—as is the hand-drawn tree on the label. As a result of the Christmas Ale recipe and label changing each year, so does Christmas Spirit’s. 

45% ABV, 750ml, $49.99 SRP


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