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New Booze: Vodka in Flavors of Bergmaont, Black Pepper, Pineapple and More

Here are several new flavored and unflavored vodkas that have come out this fall/winter. 

SQ1_StraightBergamotHighRes-RGB_000Square One Bergamont Vodka

To create Square One Bergamot, the taste of organic bergamot citrus is layered with the essential oils of pressed organic mandarin, navel and tangerine oranges and the essences of organic ginger, coriander and juniper botanicals.

Square One Bergamot is available now in California, Illinois and Missouri and across the U.S. starting February 2015 for an SRP  of $35. 


Vodka Mariette

VodkaRolling out in the US this fall is Vodka Mariette, a French vodka produced in Bordeaux.  Vodka Mariette is distilled 5x in Bordeaux using only French, GMO-free whole wheat and water from the Ambes Spring. Volcanic rock from the Eocene Era coats the floor of this spring and deionizes the water. 

Vodka Mariette is also available in three flavors: Raspberry & Pomegranate, Vanilla & Coconut,and Orange & Pineapple.  The entire line is 40% Alc./Vol., OU kosher, for approximately $29.99 per 750ml bottle. 


General Beauregard Dixie Vodka

General Beauregard Dixie Black Pepper VodkaProduced from American non-GMO corn and distilled six times in Charleston, South Carolina, General Dixie is available in three expressions: Straight, Mint and Black Pepper.

The distiller utilized the patented TerrePUREĀ® technology. TerrePUREĀ® is a natural process which uses ultrasonic energy and oxygenation to enhance drinkability by reducing impurities in the distillate.

Suggested Retail Price is $19.99 for a 750ml bottle.  All flavors (3) are available in SC, TN, GA, FL, TX and OK. Black Pepper is available in VA. Straight is available in Alabama. 



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