New Tequilas Released from Dobel and Suerte
New Bar Books Highlight the Regulars Along With the Recipes

New Mixers: Flowers, Shrubs, Bitters, and Ginger Beer

New mixers hit the market: A bitters gift set, seasonal shrubs, and color-changing tinctures. 


Bittered Sling Gift Pack 2.0

SetVancouver-based Bittered Sling has announced a redesign of its line of cocktail bitters and culinary extracts beginning with its newly released Gift Pack 2.0 (MSRP $44.95 CAD/USD).

Gift Pack 2.0 contains six 25-mL bottles, including two new flavours, as Kensington Dry Aromatic and Malagasy Chocolate - alongside Orange & Juniper, Moondog, Grapefruit & Hops and Plum & Rootbeer. 


20141030_114350Shrub & Co. Winter Shrub Gift Set

The set includes four 4 oz bottles of our winter flavors: blood orange infused with cardamom, apple, grapefruit and cranberry infused with Douglas Fir.  



Wild Hibiscus Flower Company Debuts Trio of Floral Extracts

ExtractsAustralia’s Wild Hibiscus Flower Company introduced a line of concentrated floral extracts. The line includes:

  • Rose + Hibiscus, a blend of Bulgarian rose oil and fresh hibiscus juice 
  • Hibiscus Flower, fresh hibiscus juice infused with dried hibiscus flowers for intensely brilliant red color and deep berry flavor
  • b’Lure (ba-lure), made from the blue butterfly pea flower, offering delicate sweetness and magical color-changing properties

The all-natural extracts are highly concentrated. A dash adds subtle sweetness with Rose + Hibiscus transforming clear liquid to pink, and Hibiscus Flower to brilliant bright red. The lower pH level (acidity) of citrus and other acidic ingredients interacts with b’Lure’s floral properties, mystically morphing it from blue to purple to pink.

Wild Hibiscus Floral Extracts and Syrups contain no alcohol, additives, preservatives, artificial colorings or flavorings -- the extracts can be used like bitters, coloring ice cubes and foams, can be used in spritzers, infusions and gelatin dishes, layering presentations and more. Products retail for a suggested price of $9.99 each. 


Q gingerQ Drinks Ginger Beer

Unlike other ginger beers, Q Ginger Beer is made with real ginger,organic agave, not loads of high fructose corn syrup or sugar, a touch of coriander, cardamom, and lime, and extra carbonation.





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