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2500 Words on the Blood and Sand Cocktail

The Blood and Sand is one of the rare recipes that appears first in The Savoy Cocktail Book from 1930. The recipe makes no sense when you see it written: It is equal parts whisky, orange juice, Italian vermouth, and cherry liqueur. It sounds excessively sweet, bland, and fruity, but in reality is fresh and juicy, rich yet nuanced, and it can be made masculine and smoky or light and easy depending on the brand of scotch used. Read more →

Making a Clear Ice Block from the Bottom Up

Commercial ice machines like the Clinebell freeze blocks of clear ice by freezing from a cold plate on the bottom, while a water pump near the surface keeps water circulating (thus preventing ice from forming on the surface). An Alcademics reader wrote me to tell me about a method he developed that sort of combines these two methods for the home user, producing a mini-Clinebell-type block. Read more →