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Non-Liquid Gift Ideas For Drinkers

 Have you seen enough gift guides yet? Answer: NO YOU HAVE NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS ONE. Below are some gifty things I've made note of throughout the year just for you. 

The CoupeStack, a set of stacking champagne saucers that hold a bottle's worth of bubbly when you stack 'em up. The cost is  £70 plus £20 to ship to the US. 


Online mixology courses from Chris Tunstall of Holiday special of Understanding Cocktail Components and Mixology 101 for $10 ($50 total) off at this link.



Planetary Glass Set from ThinkGeek. It's on backorder through February, so you're loved one is getting an I.O.U. in their stocking. 



Pineapple Hospitality Glasses from Waterford Crystal. 50 UK pounds, but maybe you can find them on a US site? 



Old Fashioned Gift Set from Umami Mart. $99. Dying to get my hands on those tumblers. 


Dobel Tequila in a Guitar Gift Case. $41.99 and includes a silver tequila. Check your local liquor stores.



Generic Surplus and Cutty Sark Sneakers. $150. Super comfortable - I have a pair. 



Oliver Stuffer from Williams-Sonoma. See also their measuring beaker and champagne saber

Olive stuffer


This gold tumbler from Aston Martin for a mere £24,000. Treat Yo-Self! Or if you're on a budget here is a £5,000 shaker




A spring-loaded muddler from Metrokane. Mojitos, Mo' Problems. 



Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit. Set of four glasses for tasting specialty beers. $40

Beer glasses


And while you're shopping, make sure to buy something for me!



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