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International Eggnog: The History of the Drink and Variations Around the Globe

Way back in 2010, I wrote a story for Mixology Magazine about Eggnog. The story was published in German (I wrote it in English and they translated) but this year they put the English version of the story online. 

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It covers what I could learn about eggnog at the time (keep in mind this is 4 years ago), including the history of the drink and its possible relation to British egg drinks like posset and wassail, along with other American drinks like Grog and the Tom & Jerry.

It also covers international egg drinks, including:

  •  Eierpunsch - Germany
  • Lait de Poule - France, Canada
  • Coquito - Puerto Rico
  • Rompope - Mexico
  • Biblia Con Pisco - Peru
  • Sabajón of Colombia
  • Advocaat from Holland

The story also includes a few eggnog recipes. Check it out here.