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Distillery Visit: El Carmelo Distillery and Hotel in Ica, Peru

Distillery Visit: Lovera Pisco in Ica Peru

Last year I visited 5 distilleries in Peru with Pisco Porton (read about that visit here and here): Vinas de OroTres GeneracionesLovera, Hotel El Carmello, and La Caravedo where Porton is made. This post is about my visit to Lovera in the region of Ica, Peru.

Lovera is located in the village of Guadalupe in the region of Ica where there are around 120 distilleries. We were between places and decided to pop in on our way somewhere. 

Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru sign3 Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru painting carrying botijas
Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru painting carrying botijas

This distillery is particularly rustic. Unlike most that have switched to stainless steel fermentation tanks, at Lovera they ferment in the traditional clay/ceramic botijas. Those are the tall containers you see located around distilleries. 

Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru falca3
Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru falca3
Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru falca3
Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru falca3
Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru falca3

We didn't really learn much about the production process here as we were just popping in, but we did stop in at the "bar," which was a single box under a canopy with a few chairs around it. 

There were a couple of what I assume are the regulars. The guy on the right has a radio he is wearing around his neck. 

Bar at Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru10
Bar at Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru10

Besides the pisco that they make there, we also had some of the local aperitif that they call "quita calzon" aka "panty remover." It is also called "perfecto amor" and in the US, the brand BarSol imports one. It is an aperitif drink; a combination of grape juice and pisco.

In other countries, the similar aperitif (made from unfermented juice and the distilled product of that same juice) is called pineau des charantes (cognac), Floc de Gascogne (armagnac), and Pommeau (Calvados). 

While at the bar, Porton's distiller Johnny Schuler told us the traditional way of drinking shots of pisco while sitting around in a group, as we were at this bar. One pours a shot into a shot glass, then pass the bottle to the next person. Then you take the shot and shake out the glass on the ground before passing the shot glass to the person with the bottle. Cheers. 

Camper at Lovera Distillery Pisco Peru



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Would you have the addresses of the five Distilleries
I would love to visit these very interesting places!!

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