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Distillery Visit: Tres Generaciones Pisco in Ica, Peru

Distillery Visit: Pisco Vinas De Oro, Chincha, Peru

Last year I visited 5 distilleries in Peru with Pisco Porton (read about that visit here and here): Vinas de OroTres GeneracionesLovera, Hotel El Carmello, and La Caravedo where Porton is made. This post is about my visit to Vinas de Oro in the region of Chincha, Peru.

Chincha is a pisco-producing town south of Lima, on the way to Ica where all the other Peruvian distilleries I visited are located.

Peru zoom3

Vinas de Oro opened in 1983. According to Porton's distiller Johnny Schuler, Vinas De Oro's distiller began with a 5-liter still and now is in charge of this big operation of 8 alembic-style stills. (Older distilleries tend to have falca stills.)

Vinas de Oro Pisco Distillery Peru entrance

We visited the distillery near the end of the grape harvest. Workers were picking grapes off the vines in front of the distillery. According to the website, they grow, "seven types of Pisco grapes (aromatic: Italia, moscatel, torontel, albilla and non aromatic: quebranta, common black and mollar)."

Vinas de Oro Pisco Distillery Peru vines4
Vinas de Oro Pisco Distillery Peru vines4
Vinas de Oro Pisco Distillery Peru vines4

After the grapes are harvested, they are de-stemmed (to avoid tannins that would get magnified during distillation), then pressed with a bladder press to release the must (juice). The must is given a rough filtration.

Vinas de Oro Pisco Distillery Peru grape skins2

The juice is fermented for about 10 days (no yeast is added), so that it reaches around 10% ABV. The fermentation temperature is kept low (around 15 degrees Celsius) in order to retain aromatics from the grapes. 

The wine is then distilled one time, as is the law. The pisco then rests for at least 10 months in stainless steel tanks. 

Vinas de Oro Pisco Distillery Peru still5
Vinas de Oro Pisco Distillery Peru still5

The distillery bottles 6 puro piscos (individual grape varietals) and an acholado (blend). They also make mosto verde piscos, for which the grapes are not fully fermented before distillation to make the flavor fuller. They make mosto verde pisco out of three of their grape varietals. 

The brand's website is here.

Vinas de Oro Pisco Distillery Peru glass



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We would like to know if there is a real destillilery in Lima or Paracas so we can visit it?
Kind regards

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