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Twenty Four Cocktail Bars Opening in the Next Few Months

I wrote up a list of most anticipated new bars for, but I ran out of room as there are so many good-sounding ones opening. So this post has 'em all. 

The first 15 most anticipated bars are in my story for




Below are Nine more cocktail bars to look forward to, some of which are already open.


Bardot at ARIA, Vegas


  • Public Haus, Abilene, Texas. 
    •  Opened Jan 1
    • "Public-Haus is a celebration of what small-town, downtown Abilene can be and is becoming. Our little, tucked-away watering hole is a neighborhood living room for our community, featuring craft cocktails, fun beers, and coffee. We're always pushing the envelope and hoping to raise the level of the drinking experience in Abilene. Ultimately, though, we hope to provide a long-overdue environment in which anyone can come in with friends and feel completely at home around drinks. Long Live Abilene!" 
  • The Drifter, Chicago.
  • The Normandie Club and Walker Inn, Koreatown, Los Angeles. 
    • The Normandie Club (the neighborhood cocktail bar / street facing), The Walker Inn (the small, elevated service cocktail bar tucked behind Normandie Club), and The Rooms at The Walker Inn (ten hotel rooms accessible from The Walker Inn)
    • The Normandie Club maintains a rotating list of 7 cocktails within categories, rather than cocktail names (collins, spritz, sour, old fashioned, etc). The Walker Inn will have a often-changing menu inspired by a common thread of influence, along with a static list of classics done in a unique house style. Attached to the Walker Inn will be 10 hotel rooms with unique beverage offerings available.

  • Mace, New York
    • Opening March 2015
    • Seasonal menu with 12 drinks, all originals and including homemade ingredients. Every drink is based on a spice. Co-owner and co-bar manager Nico de Soto, former ECC Group Bar Manager. 
  • Lost Lake, Chicago
    • From "tiki titans" Paul McGee and Martin Cate
    • Already open
  • Bardot, Las Vegas
    • Opening January 16
    • The latest Michel Mina brasseries at ARIA resort/casino focusses on French spirits and liqueurs, including Vegas' largest Chartreuse selection and rare cognacs.    
  • Founding Farmers Tysons
    • Opening Feb 5 
    • A new outpost from the restaurant of the same name with a bar program including a line of house spirits distilled by Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, VA and pisco produced in collaboration with Macchu Pisco of Peru.
  • The Wallingford, Kittery, Maine
    •  An intimate, 25-seat establishment featuring a rotating list of cocktails featuring hand-carved ice, an emphasis on house-made and locally foraged/grown ingredients, and referencing flavor profiles inspired by the region's historical connection to the global maritime trade.  Drinks designed by Michael Jack Pazdon, former bar manager of The Goose & Gander in Napa Valley.
  • GRAIN in Atlanta
    • Opening: Just Opened 
    • Co-owner and bartender Kevin Bragg combines crowd-pleasing flavors (the Boxcar Racer includes rum, peppercorn, lime, and mint; the Nightingale combines vodka, pear, cinnamon, and lemon) with a touch of pizzazz, chilling the glasses with liquid nitrogen and featuring rotating cocktails on draft. The new restaurant is located in the bottom of MidCity Lofts in Atlanta’s Midtown with “rustic wood elements,” concrete and metal interiors, and big windows facing onto the street-front patio for those famously hot summer nights.


And God Created Woman - BARDOT - ARIA
Bardot at ARIA, Vegas


 And if I missed any (I'm sure I did), feel free to add them in the comments. I'm tired!



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