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Cognac Deau Visit

While in France last year, I had time for a quick unscheduled visit to the house of Deau Cognac

Deau is located about 40 minutes from the town of Cognac, between the Fin Bois and Petite Champagne. They grow about 30 hectares of grapes, and buy wine from other growers (Fin Bois, Grande Champagne, and Petite Champagne) that they distill on-site. 


The distillery itself is quite large, with 12 stills. 


I met Véronique Bru Legaret, who along with her son heads up the company.  They actually produce three cognac brands: Deau, Moisans, and Roland Bru (named for Véronique's father, who brought the company into the current era).  

Previously they sold all their cognac to large brands (I think they no longer do), but now seem to be emphasizing their luxury products. New fancy, sail-shaped bottles have just hit the USA market recently further emphasizing their luxury positioning. 

I quickly tasted through most of the Deau line, and here are my nonsensical-as-usual notes:

  • VS: Tight but good
  • VSOP: Smells more mature than the VSOP bottling would suggest; sweet cream.
  • Napoleaon: 7-8 years old. Sweet yellow raisins. 
  • XO: Around 15 years old. Christmas spices including buttery cinnamon with a spicy/minty finish.
  • Black: Around 10 years old. Sweet and thin, meant for mixing.
  • Louis Memory: Supple, creamy, like a more mature version of the XO
  • L.V.O.: Stands for the French translation of "Life in Gold." Made from 1915, 1930, 1950 Grande Champagne cognacs. Banana, raisins, subtle and sandy. 


A superquick but lovely visit!



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Laura ~ Raise Your Garden

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Lovely photo's, lovely tour. "Real Feel" temps are 30 below in the Niagara Falls area, but we have a lovely wine trail to from the United States leading into Canada.

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