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New Booze: Liqueurs, Mezcal, Spiced Rum, and a New Amaro

Here are some new spirits and liqueurs launching lately. 

VOV Cream Liqueur

Image004-2Molinari introduces VOV to the United States.  This traditional Italian Zabajone Cream Liqueur, akin to American eggnog, is made from egg yolks, sugar, aged Sicilian Marsala Superiore wine, and alcohol. 

VOV was created in 1845 by Gian Battista Pezziol, a confectioner and nougat specialist from Padua Italy. Looking for a way to use the leftover egg yolks from his nougat-making process, Pezziol mixed them with Marsala wine, alcohol and sugar to make an energy drink, a popular trend at the time. He named the beverage VOV, short for “vovi,” the Venetian word for eggs.  

VOV is a substitute for modern and classic cocktails that call for a fresh egg. SRP: $27.99 / 1 liter. VOV is now available in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. 


Unnamed-4Bols Maraschino Liqueur

Lucas Bols, one of the world’s leading liqueur and spirit producers and the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand, announced today the launch of Bols Maraschino Liqueur in the United States. With the latest addition to its already extensive range of more than 30 flavors in the Bols Liqueur collection, Lucas Bols strengthens its position in the U.S.’s growing liqueur market. 

Bols Maraschino comes in a 750ml bottle and retails for $17.99 with 24% ABV. The product is now available in both on- and off-premise channels across the U.S.


Image001-3Captain Morgan Flavored White Rums

Captain Morgan announced some new additions to its portfolio of products: Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum, Captain Morgan Coconut Rum, Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum.

Sold at a suggested retail price of $15.99 for a 750 mL bottle, each variant blends Captain Morgan White Rum with natural flavors.


Caramel_front_finalSouthern Comfort Caramel

Southern Comfort introduces a new flavor to the family with the launch of Caramel Comfort to the US market.

Along with the new flavor, Southern Comfort also announces the largest packaging evolution in nearly a decade, contemporizing the brand and reasserting its relevance with today’s consumer.

Caramel Comfort and the new Southern Comfort packaging are hitting shelves in the US beginning in early March. Caramel Comfort has a suggested retail price of $16.99 for a 55 Proof 750ml bottle.


Mezcalero Mezcal, Release No. 11

Caddell & Williams announces the release of Mezcalero no.11 from Alberto Ortiz (known as "Don Beto") in Bramaderos, west of Miahuatlan and about a two hours' drive heading south from Oaxaca.  

The batch is distilled from agaves karwinskii, rhodacantha, and espadín; madrecuishe is a variety of karwsinkii that grows wild (on stalks) but is also planted as a hedgerow separating hillside fields. The rhodacantha, usually called mexicano or dobadán, is spicy and floral. There are 1068 bottles at 47.3% ABV for an SRP of $84.


Meletti_1870_hi1Meletti 1870 Bitter Aperitivo

Inspired by his family’s legacy of producing artisanal Italian cordials, Matteo Meletti has developed a traditional bitter aperitivo called 1870, named after the year in which the distillery was founded in Ascoli Piceno.

Sweet and bitter orange and an infusion of herbs and spices are blended with pure spirits to create a bitter, yet refreshing aperitivo. 

Meletti 1870 will be rolled out nationally in 750ml bottles at a national suggested retail price of $25.99 through Market Street Spirits, a division of Opici Wines.





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Jason Clark

Hi Camper.
Have you tasted this Meletti 1870 Amaro?
Is it Campari esq?

Camper English

Hi - I did not receive a tasting sample so I'm not sure what it's like. It's not Campari Group: "Meletti 1870 will be rolled out nationally beginning February 1, 2015. Offered in 750ml bottles at a national suggested retail price of $25.99 through Market Street Spirits, a division of Opici Wines."


Is the US launch of Bols Maraschino more like a 'relaunch'. It's been around in Europe for years so far as I can tell. Seems odd if the US wasn't getting it.

Got a very assertive taste, though not especially natural.

Camper English

The Bols liqueurs in the US are not as good quality as they are in Europe/elsewhere (and generally not well-respected) - I think they use a different base spirit and possibly different sweeteners. This Maraschino is low proof and like the rest of the range, doesn't seemed designed for high-end bars.

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