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New Booze: Scotch, Bourbon, Tequila, Amaro, and Cherries

Here are the new bottles of liquor hitting the market announced over the past few weeks.

E. H. Taylor, Jr. Cured Oak Bourbon

E.H.Taylor Cured Oak SmallBuffalo Trace Distillery releases E. H. Taylor, Jr. Cured Oak Bourbon is the seventh release in the collection of E. H. Taylor, Jr.  whiskeys.  This 100 proof, Bottled-In-Bond, small batch bourbon was aged in Taylor’s warehouse “C” at Buffalo Trace Distillery.  

The barrel staves used for this special release were allowed to dry outside in the open air for 13 months, more than twice as long as standard barrel staves. Most white oak barrel staves used for Buffalo Trace’s bourbons are placed outside for 6 months before being fashioned into whiskey barrels.  Collaborating with barrel manufacturer Independent Stave Company back in 1998, this extra aging curing process allowed the wood to dry even longer, eventually allowing the whiskey to extract more flavors deep within the oak. 

 This bottling of Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Cured Oak Bourbon Whiskey will be available late March in limited supply.  The suggested retail price is $69.99 per 750ml bottle. 


Patrón Tequila Extra Añejo 7 Años

A7A bottle_January 15Patrón Spirits announces Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años, the oldest tequila the brand has ever produced and Patrón’s first-ever limited edition. Fewer than 700 cases are available.

Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años was created using the same process as the core Patrón line of tequilas. First, Patrón selects 100% Weber Blue Agave, which is then cut and quartered and placed in small capacity brick ovens for slow cooking. The cooked agave is then macerated, fermented, and distilled in copper pot stills using two uniquely separate processes, the centuries-old tahona method and the more modern roller mill process. Both methods produce distinctive tequilas that are then blended together to create core Patrón. The spirit is aged 7 years in French oak barrels. 

 Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años is available, while supplies last, nationwide for a suggested retail price of $299 (750ml; 80 proof).


Highland Park Odin

OdinsmallHighland Park has unveiled the fourth and final expression in the series of whiskies that celebrates its Norse heritage. ODIN, named for the King of Asgard himself, joins Thor, Loki and the beautiful Freya to complete Highland Park’s Valhalla Collection.

Known as ‘’The Furious One’, Odin is the strongest of all the Norse gods and driven by an unquenchable thirst for wisdom. By sacrificing an eye for a drink from the Well of Wisdom, he earned immeasurable knowledge and insight.  

With 17,000 bottles released globally – and only 2,400 bottles in the U.S. – this limited edition whisky comes housed in the same distinctive award winning wooden frame of Thor, Loki and Freya, echoing the fearsome contours of a traditional Viking long ship. The bottle itself reflects Odin’s character – dark and imperfect and slightly battle worn. 

The collection includes:

  • THOR – 16 year old single malt, 52.1% ABV, SRP $200
  • LOKI – 15 year old single malt, 48.7% ABV, SRP $249
  • FREYA – 15 year old single malt, 51.2% ABV, SRP $275
  • ODIN – 16 year old single malt, 55.8% ABV, SRP $350


Mess Hall Cocktail Co. Cocktail Cherries, Great Lakes Edition 

1B6A0354Mess Hall Cocktail Co. currently sells their small batch Cocktail Cherries to specialty shops including Murray’s Cheese in New York and Provenance Food & Wine in Chicago.​ Bars and restaurants can apply for a wholesale account on their new website. They accept a limited number of new bar programs each month.

Mess Hall Cocktail Cherries--Great Lakes Edition are grown and preserved in the heart of the Great Lakes region​, ​where we think of relaxed summer days on the water, crisp fall hikes and winter weekends at the cabin with friends​. ​There is a warmth that can be felt throughout each season thanks to an abundance of cherry trees and a healthy dose of Midwestern charm. We wanted to capture this warmth with the hints of bourbon, vanilla bean, cinnamon, rose petal and peppercorn.

BalsamBALSAM American Amaro

Bottled at 88 proof in a hand-dipped bottle, BALSAM Amaro has the ability to turn any wine into bespoke vermouth. Made with more than 30 ingredients including herbs, roots, spices, pure cane sugar, rare teas, and spirit, BALSAM Amaro combines the botanical sourcing of Rodrick Markus of Rare Tea Cellar, the formulation and mixology expertise of HUM Spirits creator and founder Adam Seger, and the alchemy of Master Distiller Barry Young of Pennsylvania Pure Distillers, maker of Boyd & Blair vodka.
As for what wine varieties pair best, the team recommends a fruity red, Barbaresco or Riesling, but encourages imbibers to experiment. Beginning today, imbibers can find the spirit available in a 375ml bottle for $31.99.

For more information, visit  



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