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The Great American Distiller Shortage

America has no shortage of distilleries - there are over 900 registered now - but a big lack of people who know how to operate them. In a blog post for Whisky Advocate Magazine, I wrote about the shortage of experienced distillers in America. 

Sure, everyone likes the process of running a still and fine-tuning the juice, but who are you going to get to install the equipment and tell you when you've bought a bad barrel? That's where consultant distillers come in. 

In this story we hear from Maggie Campbell of Privateer Rum, former Tuthilltown distiller Joel Elder who has gone independent, and distiller-to-the-stars Dave Pickerell. 


Check out the post here.



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Corrected link: http://whiskyadvocate.com/?p=18462

Camper English

Thanks Cory. I think someone changed a setting on the database and it broke all the links. Hopefully this one will stay functioning.

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