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It's hard to keep up with all the new spirits releases, so that's why I do it for you. 


Dewar's Scratched Cask

DewarsDewar's borrows a tradition from its bourbon counterparts - scratching the barrels after charring - to create a new liquid. Dewar's Scratched Cask is a blend of up to 40 single malt and single grain whiskies left to mature in oak casks at the brand's home in Scotland for a minimum of four years. At that point, instead of bottling the blend, the mature liquid is married in handcrafted American oak casks, selected by master blender Stephanie Macleod. These barrels, bourbon and virgin ok, are heavily charred and then lightly scratched at the char layer to alter the flavor of the whisky. The liquid is then left to blend and breathe for additional months, a production process called finishing.

This limited release will be available as of May 2015 while supplies last, and will retail for $25.99 at select luxury liquor retailers nationwide.

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye (and National Roll-Out of Hand Selected Barrel Program)

RyeCrown Royal  introduces its first-ever blended rye whisky, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. Available at 45% Alcohol by Volume, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye will be sold at a suggested retail price of $29.99 for a 750 mL bottle.

To further enhance its portfolio, Crown Royal will also expand its Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel whisky program to select markets across the country. First offered exclusively in Texas, Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel features the heart of the Crown Royal blend, our Coffey Rye whisky.  Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel is 103 proof / 51.5% Alcohol by Volume and will be sold at a suggested retail price of $54.99 for a 750 mL bottle.

Barrelhound Blended Scotch Whisky (NY/DC Only)

Barrelhound Bottle copyBarrelhound Blended Scotch Whisky from Pernod Ricard bridges the bourbon and scotch worlds with a sweeter, more accessible taste profile. Barrelhound is  matured in American Oak ex-bourbon barrels,.

Currently available in select U.S. markets including New York and Washington, D.C., Barrelhound is sold at a suggested retail price of $29.99. For more information please visit:

Emory Vodka

EMORY Vodka_White BackgroundMassachusetts based Blue Vase Marketing has announced the Spring 2015 launch of Emory Vodka. Emory Vodka is a one hundred percent corn based product that is naturally gluten free while being six times distilled. 

New York based artist Blake Emory, one of today’s most innovative pioneers in the Optic Modernism movement, has developed a unique extension of his existing Zebra Love oil on canvas signature collection for the brand design of Emory Vodka.

 A portion of proceeds from the sales of Emory Vodka will be donated to the ASPCA to help prevent cruelty to animals. Priced at $29-99 for 750ml. 


SKYY Barcraft

Image001SKYY Barcraft, a line of cocktail-inspired vodkas that come in three  flavors: Watermelon Fresca, Margarita Lime and White Sangria. Just add one part SKYY Barcraft to two parts club soda over ice to replicate the experience you would find in a premium bar or restaurant. 

SKYY Barcraft Margarita Lime, Watermelon Fresca and White Sangria, all 60 proof (30% ABV), will be available in 50ml (MSRP $1.99; available for Watermelon Fresca and Margarita Lime only), 750mL ($18.49), and 1L ($26.49). The entire SKYY Barcraft collection can be enjoyed with soda for an inspired cocktail in seconds.


Blade and Bow Bourbon

BladeBlade and Bow consists of two offerings – Blade and Bow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old Limited Release Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Named after the two parts of a skeleton key, Blade and Bow is a tribute to the Five Keys of crafting bourbon made famous at Stitzel-Weller. Those keys included grains, yeast, fermentation, distillation and aging.

Born from some of the oldest remaining whiskey stocks distilled at Stitzel-Weller before it ceased production in 1992, the whiskey is made using a unique solera aging system to preserve the original stocks. This solera liquid is then mingled with other  whiskeys, aged and bottled at Stitzel-Weller. The 91-proof bourbon is priced at $49.99 for a 750 mL bottle.

Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old Limited Release Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is comprised of whiskeys distilled at both the distillery historically located at 17th and Breckinridge in Louisville, Ky. and the distillery historically located in at 1001 Wilkinson Blvd. Frankfort, Ky. The limited release offering was most recently aged and bottled at Stitzel-Weller.  At 92-proof, you can purchase a 750 mL bottle for $149.99.


La Caravedo Pisco

La Caravedo btlPisco Portón, LLC announces the addition of La Caravedo, a pisco puro, to the company’s portfolio.  Both are made by Master Distiller Johnny Schuler at Hacienda La Caravedo located in Ica, Peru. Hacienda La Caravedo is known as the oldest distillery in the Americas, established in 1684.

La Caravedo is a pisco puro, which means it is made from only one of the eight grape varietals allowed by Peruvian law to make pisco. La Caravedo is made from the Quebranta grape, a non-aromatic varietal from the Peruvian coast known for its body and fullness of flavor. Approximately 8 pounds of grapes are used to make each bottle. La Caravedo Pisco is available in key U.S. markets with a suggested retail price of $24.99/750ml.


Compass Box Hedonism Quindecimus  Blended Grain Scotch Whisky

Hedonism Quindecimus BottleCompass Box has turned fifteen with the launch of Hedonism Quindecimus – a Limited Edition, Blended Grain Scotch Whisky. Hedonism Quindecimus will be available in the U.S. June 1st ($175/750ml). Created specifically to commemorate their fifteenth anniversary, Quindecimus (meaning ‘fifteenth’) pays homage to the  whiskymaker’s first ever product, Hedonism.

A blend of five separate parcels of aged grain whisky, Compass Box has taken the highly unusual step of revealing the precise age and sourcing of every cask that went into Quindecimus. Compass Box’s detailed sourcing information reveals that five parcels of whisky from four distilleries were used to create Hedonism Quindecimus: Parcels of 20yo and 25yo grain whisky distilled at Port Dundas were combined with 32yo whisky from Dumbarton, 20yo whisky from North British and a 32yo parcel of ‘mystery’ pre-blended grain whisky sourced from Loch Lomond distillery, for which the exact provenance is unknown.


Tippleman's Not Quite Simple Syrups

TipThe owners of the popular cocktail bar—The Gin Joint—and the cocktail mixer line—Bittermilk—Joe and MariElena Raya have developed a new brand and product line specifically designed for the professional bartender. The new line, Tippleman’s, is a series of “Not Quite Simple Syrups” to give bartenders consistent quality bar syrups.

For the initial product launch, six products will be available for purchase. Visit for direct ordering, bulk purchase, and store info. 

1.     Burnt Sugar: Kettle cooked organic cane sugar to a rich black color and bold bittersweet flavor. $12

2.     Smoked Maple: Organic B Maple syrup slowly cold smoked with smoldering  bourbon soaked Willett barrel staves. $29

3.     Lemon Oleo Saccharum: Hand peeled citrus that has been saturated in organic cane sugar to express natural lemon oils and flavors. $22

4.     Falernum: Robust syrup made with juiced ginger, fresh lime peel and freshly ground tropical spices. $17

5.     Island Orxata: Orgeat style syrup made with cracked corn, toasted sesame and natural essences of allergen-free bitter almond and jasmine. $16

6.     Ginger Honey: Juiced ginger blended with organic wildflower honey to make a rich syrup. $20



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