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The Difference Between All Those Bacardi White Rums

Maestro Bottle FINALI recently received a press release for a new white rum called Bacardi Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron, which lead me to ask the question, "What is up with all these different Bacardi white rums?"

So the PR person forwarded my request to Bacardi Brand Master (and production nerd) David Cid, who outlined the basic differences below.

Superior and Carta Blanca (aka regular Bacardi) are one and the same. A blend of rums aged a minimum of 12 months. Dry and balanced. Meant to neither dominate nor disappear in a cocktail.

Heritage/1909 is a tribute blend of Bacardi Superior at the proof you would have found it during the golden era of rum cocktails, 44.5% abv (89 proof). Same production approach as Superior, with higher proof, which in turn carries a slightly different intensity to certain notes. Meant for use in classic rums cocktails, like the hand-shaken daiquiri.

Maestro Gran Reserva is categorized as part of the Gran Reserva line along with Bacardi 8. It is a double aged rum bottled at 40% ABV. Mellowed for one year in American white oak, blended, and placed into aging again for another 3 months.  A more robust nose and body, meant to stand out in a cocktail.

NEO, part of the FACUNDO Rum Collection, is a blend of medium-to heavy-bodied rums aged up to 8 years. Once the aging process is complete, the rums are filtered to allow for a hint of color, and a significant amount of aroma and flavor. Offering an oaky aroma with hints of almond and floral notes, with a clean, balanced finish, NEO is made for sipping on the rocks.

Cid also notes: All these rums are aged in American White Oak. All Rums go through charcoal filtration; some more than others.

It would be interesting to taste all the rums together sometime, alone and in cocktails.




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Omer Gazit

Thank god for Camper!

Jacqueline Self

I have been drinking Bacardi Cuba Libre ever since I was first introduced to it on holiday in Mallorca in 1964. I can tell instantly when Bacardi Superior (Carta Blanca?) isn't used. On several occasions I have queried which brand of white rum has been used because it doesn't the familiar taste and it is always insisted that they have used exactly this. They have even brought me the bottle from the bar shelf to show me insisting that it is the correct one. Yet I know it is not. Are they using a different brand (possibly a cheaper one) and filling Bacardi labelled bottles - or are there different Bacardi white rums?
I am aware of the two other Bacardi rums, the golden coloured one and the slightly darker one again. These other two are distinctly different and I would know them too, but no this is a different in supposedly white Bacardi rums.

I would appreciate your clarification to assure me that I'm not going mad. I have felt embarrassed on several occasions when I queried why the taste is so different and bar people have insisted they are correct and that I don't know the taste. But I know I do!!

Camper English

There are many different Bacardi rums, but they're all in different bottles/colors so it should be clear which one they're pouring. A disreputable bar could simply refill bottles with other rum, but that will of course depend on what bar you're in - where I live Bacardi is the inexpensive white rum so they would not bother to do this. If a bar is using bottled lime juice instead of a fresh zest, that can add to a chemical taste in your Cuba Libre that perhaps could be confused with the rum flavor; as well as the mix of cola. As far as I know, there isn't a lower-end version of Bacardi than Bacardi Superior.

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