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A Tinder-Optimized Origami-Instructing Cocktail Menu at Dalva in San Francisco

Dalva menu 2The longstanding bar Dalva in the Mission District spawned The Hideout, a top-quality cocktail bar in its own back room, and ABV, a casual fine cocktail bar across the street from some of the same owners.

The original front bar room at Dalva has remained a more relaxed venue with simpler cocktails, though they got rid of soda guns and flavored vodkas a while back to become better aligned with the Hideout.

On July 8, they launched the new front bar menu - still a simple one with just seven classics and one near-classic; a Negroni & Tonic.  The menu comes on a homemade angled slab of wood and lists the cocktails, spirits, beer, wine, and several pages of origami instructions.


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Dalva menu 1


The front page of the menu mentions that packets of origami paper are available for purchase.

The back page references the Tinder date during which you both can assemble a frog or water lily while having your awkward first date conversation. 

The bartenders know what's up.


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Dalva menu 4