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Hey, Who Put Science In My Drink?

In a story I wrote for, I discussed some of the hidden technology used to improve cocktails out of site of the bar customer.


At molecular-mixology bars, the science is a big part of the show: Mists of vaporized cocktails, spherified Negronis, and tanks of liquid nitrogen used to freeze glassware and "nitro-muddle" basil. Increasingly though, other bars are working with the same high-tech equipment but being more subtle about it.

While you may recognize that you're having the best gin and tonic of your life, you may not realize that's because the lime was treated with Pectinex Ultra SP-L and both it and the gin were carbonated for maximum fizz.

Read the story here.



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David Schofield

Dear Camper,
A very interesting article, just goes to show how little consumers know about what goes on behind the scenes and how some baulk at the prices charged for high quality without understanding the time and effort that goes into it.
Regards, David.

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