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The 99 Items I Packed to Give a Cocktail Seminar...

...and I didn't even make drinks. 

I gave two full-length seminars and one mini-seminar at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans this year. For my seminar on Prehistoric Cocktail Technology, I went kinda big.

 Here is my packing list, without multiples. 99 things, dayumn. 

  • ice cream maker balls
  • cream
  • lemon + lime juice
  • knife
  • Filtration coconut vs wood 2sugar
  • simple syrup
  • eggs
  • orange flower water
  • East Imperial soda water
  • East Imperial tonic water
  • batch container
  • measuring containers
  • rock salt (1/2 cup container)
  • ladel
  • ice cracker tool
  • Bar towels
  • pipettes
  • Clamp post
  • clamps
  • plastic poster tubes with perforated red caps
  • aquarium filters- bio bags
  • coconut charcoal
  • mavea charcoal
  • coffee filters
  • Unfiltered cake vodka
  • Filtered cake vodka
  • dehydrated cake vodka
  • Milk
  • Bar spoon
  • Funnel
  • Clarified Zacapa
  • Test tube rack
  • Test tubes
  • Dehydrated blueberries
  • Dehydrated strawberries
  • Annatto seeds
  • Saffron
  • Cochineal
  • Magnifying glass
  • Blure
  • Tonic syrup
  • blue water
  • Acid Phosphate
  • Isi Siphon
  • CO2 cartridge
  • Blacklight flashlight
  • Salt
  • Black sheet
  • Cooked agave
  • Small plates
  • Wet naps
  • Clear bucket
  • Ammonium nitrate
  • Stir bar
  • Thermometer gun
  • 2-liter bottles
  • white wine vinegar
  • baking soda
  • funnel
  • Froth experiment2U-Fizz hoses
  • U-Fizz bakind soda tube
  • big pitcher
  • measuring cup
  • Burton Water salts
  • piloncillo pyramids
  • piloncillo syrup
  • clarified piloncillo syrup
  • Bottle of chill filtered scotch
  • Bottle of not chill filtered scotch
  • Juniper oil
  • Infusion of DJ blanco with baked pine shavings
  • Oak essence
  • Grape seed extract
  • Caramel coloring
  • Glycerin
  • pine shavings
  • baked pine shavings
  • Bonne-O Carbonator
  • Extension cord
  • Carbonator pills
  • Long tube with cap on one end
  • soda water Natural colors2
  • Insta-Foam
  • Bottle opener
  • Nuun for Alka-seltzer demo
  • Zacapa Rum 2 bottles
  • Don Julio Tequila Blanco 2 bottles
  • Don Julio Tequila Reposado 1 bottle
  • Don Julio Tequila Anejo 2 bottles
  • Don Julio Tequila 70 (70th anniversary clear anejo) 1 bottle
  • Label Maker
  • Extra Label Maker Tape
  • Sample cups
  • Tripod holder for poster paper
  • Tasting straws
  • Cinchona bark
  • Microscope attachment for computer
  • Bamboo Straws
  • 2 Ice chest/bucket
  • White background paper/Black background poster paper

Plus I packed 200 baggies of dehydrated liqueur for my other seminar and some other stuff. Perhaps the greatest achievement was fitting it all into 3 suitcases.   

 Good times! Thanks to those who attended!



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Gee Camper, it sounds like you had 99 problems but a drink ain't one


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