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Trick Dog's new Best in Show Doggie Calendar Cocktail Menu

San Francisco bar Trick Dog's biannual cocktail menu drops July 8, 2015 at 3PM. This time the theme is "Trick Dogs" and it's in the form of a 2016 Doggie Calendar

The first five menus were a Pantone Color Wheel, a record album of 45s, an Astrological Chart, a San Francisco Tourist Map, and most recently a Chinese Restaurant Menu.

I know you just want to see the pictures, but here are highlights:

  • Some of the dogs belong to the staff, including The Bon Vivants' Josh Harris and Morgan Schick.
  • Calendars are available for purchase at $20 and the money goes to local dog rescue charities.
  • Each dog has a #hashtag on the calendar and the Best in Show dog at the end of the year "will be celebrated with treats, scratches, and other yet-to-be-determined prizes."

The full menu and press release are below the images.

Click on the thumbnails to see all the images. 


  • TD Dog Calendar COVER_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar JAN_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar FEB_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar MAR_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar APR_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar MAY_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar JUN_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar JUL_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar AUG_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar SEP sm
  • TD Dog Calendar OCT_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar NOV_sm
  • TD Dog Calendar DEC_sm
TD Dog Calendar DEC_sm


  • January "Raja":  Jameson Black barrel whiskey, Gran Classico, shiso, vanilla, lemon, white sage, egg white
  • February "Sunday & Stephen": DonQ Anejo & Atlantico white rums, cream sherry, papaya, rice, honey, key lime
  • March "Tessie": Diplomatico white rum, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, Campari, strawberry, bonito, lime, soda
  • April "Ellie": Absolut vodka, Dolin blanc vermouth, Suze, green grapes, tarragon, lime
  • May "Frank": Tapatio blanco tequila, Tempus Fugit Kina L'Avion d'Or, sunflower seed, sweet lime
  • June "Waffles": Junipero gin, Trick Dog Cup (apple, cucumber, tea, hibiscus, fig), Dolin rouge vermouth, Bitter Lemon soda
  • July "Comet": Fighting Cock bourbon, Amaro Lucano, blackberry, Shiraz, Dale's Pale Ale, chipotle, lemon, sharp cheddar
  • August "Mo": Tequila Ocho reposado, Amarao Meletti, El Maestro Sierra fino sherry, malted milk ball
  • September "Juno": Bruichladdich single malt scotch, Pierre Ferrand cognac, ume plum, stone fruit bitters, dill
  • October "Trotter and Winter": Tanqueray 10 gin, umami vermouth, Galliano, tomolive
  • November "Mary Jane": Old Forrester bourbon, pear & pecan vermouth, Mandarine Napoleon, Abbott's bitters
  • December "Charlie" George Dickel rye, coconut, coffee bean, sandalwood

And here is the full info from the press release:

Trick Dog, the award-winning San Francisco bar from cocktail consulting team The Bon Vivants, officially launches the most recent version of its bi-annual menu revamp at 3:00pm PST, Wednesday, July 8. Twice each year, The Bon Vivants create an entirely new themed menu of specialty cocktails and concept at Trick Dog – the newest menu is the "Trick Dogs" - a 2016 calendar starring a dog and a cocktail for each month.
The Trick Dogs calendar menu features dog models (including personal pets of The Bon Vivants' Josh Harris and Morgan Schick, chef Thomas McNaughton, and calendar photographer Sonya Yu), with each month representing a signature drink and dog of the month. Keeping up the tradition of ensuring that each menu is a fully functional item in its own right – not "just" a menu – Trick Dog's menu/calendar mashup is a fully functional 2016 calendar, and is available for sale at the bar for $20 each. 100% of proceeds from calendar sales will be split between two local charities, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue ( and Northern California Family Dog Rescue (
Each featured dog on the menu also has its own hashtag, – guests are encouraged to vote for Trick Dog's Best in Show by posting a photo of their experience at Trick Dog and using their favorite dog/cocktail's hashtag. At the end of the year, the dog whose hashtag received the most votes throughout the course of the menu run will be named Best in Show and will be celebrated with treats, scratches, and other yet-to-be-determined prizes.


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ann tuennerman

Do you sell these and can we buy one? Thank you.

Camper English

They sell them at the bar, I don't see them for sale online.

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