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New Booze: Whiskies from Japan, Scotland, and America

New Booze: Tools, Syrups, and Mixers Edition


CANTEEN + TUMBLER [IMAGES].012Corkcicle Canteen and Tumbler

Canteen: A revolutionary new bottle that keeps drinks ice cold for 25 hours and hot for 12. Canteen available in three different sizes and 14 different colors.

 Tumbler keeps drinks cold for 9+ hours, hot for three. Available in two sizes and eight colors.

SRP $20-$33.


Black & Decker XL Blast Drink Machine BL4000R

Picture1Built to handle party-sized batches of frozen cocktails  or family-sized smoothies, XL Capacity Lightweight Jar, 72 oz. usable capacity, Clear, easy-off lid and re-closable pour spout, Integrated shot glass & measuring cap, 650 Watt Motor, Insulated Chill Sleeve, 4-Speed Digital Touch Control Panel, 4 Pre-programmed auto settings, 4 Speeds & pulse with LED lighted control panel

Suggested Retail Price: $59.99



Lemongrass Reserve Edition DRY Soda

DRY_btl_LemongrassDRY, unveiled their Lemongrass Reserve Edition flavor in celebration of the company’s 10 year anniversary. One of DRY’s original four flavors, a short run of only 5000 cases of Lemongrass DRY Sparkling will be produced and sold for a limited time this August. The Reserve Edition Flavor will be available via select retailers in the Pacific Northwest, including QFC, Fred Meyer, Safeway, PCC and Metropolitan Market, and online nationwide at (SRP $9.99 per 4-pack of bottles) this August.


 The full, regular line includes eight botanically-driven flavors: Blood Orange, Ginger, Vanilla Bean, Rhubarb, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Cucumber and Rainier Cherry.  


Original Bank Exchange Pineapple Cordial

Hi Res - BE Pineapple Cordial  copyCampo de Encanto Pisco, the award-winning brand founded by three industry leaders – Mixologist Duggan McDonnell, Sommelier Walter Moore, and Master Distiller Carlos Romero - announces the nationwide launch of its Original Bank Exchange Pineapple Cordial (SRP $14.99).  The first brand of Pisco to launch a cocktail mixer, the Pineapple Cordial is a complement to Encanto's three Pisco expressions on the market. Made entirely with all-natural ingredients, this pineapple gomme syrup is a quintessential component of the infamous Pisco Punch, that world-renowned cocktail first created at San Francisco’s bygone Bank Exchange Saloon in the mid 19th century. The Original Bank Exchange Pineapple Cordial, along with Encanto Pisco, is imported and represented by the newly formed Bond & Royal division of the Sazerac Company.

In the United States, three of Campo de Encanto's  Piscos from Peru’s Pisco Valley (Ica) are available: Grand & Noble, a cuvée of five different grape varietials – Quebranta, Mollar, Torontel, Moscatel and Italia - blended; plus, two Distiller's Reserve bottlings: a Single Vineyard Quebranta and a Single Vineyard Moscatel.  As a brand, Encanto has brought modern winemaking and blending methodology and innovation to Pisco production. Previous to Encanto, a cuvée or in Peruvian Pisco parlance, an 'Acholado,' was considered the dregs, the poor leftovers of other bottlings. In addition, no other brand dared to release Single Vineyard expressions from Peru's oldest vineyards.

Barbarian Bar Tools

BarbarianBarbarian Bar Tools are a new twist on a classic concept. The signature tool, the Barbarian, simplifies the cocktailing experience by taking the simple juice press and adding nine other essential bar functions: a jigger, zester, channel knife, bottle opener, citrus knife, one-inch blade, can lance corkscrew and lever.  The Simple Tool is an enhanced version of the common bar blade that incorporates five different tools: a channel knife, zester, can lance, can tab lifter and bottle opener. With a sleek, functional, space-saving design, both tools look stylish on any bar while also fitting easily into a drawer eliminating clutter and saving time spent looking for an assortment of tools.


Purely Syrup

UnnamedPurely Syrup is a new line of certified organic simple syrups, crafted in small batches using only organic ingredients, with no coloring or artificial additives. The company is debuting with 5 flavors: Ginger Root, Grapefruit, Vanilla Bean, Habanero, and Classic (unflavored). Purely Syrups offer a product that is consistent every time and is easy to use.

The team behind Purely Syrup is comprised of San Francisco mixologist David DeRinzy, Brooklyn-based entrepreneur Joshua Bloom, and Telluride, Colorado-based Steven Craig, a marketing executive with extensive food and beverage experience. David DeRinzy worked for almost two decades in the some of Telluride's most notable bars and restaurants including La Marmotte and Hotel Madeline. He found himself constantly reaching for his housemade simple syrups while tending bar. He had an epiphany that other bartenders may be needing simple syrups yet did not want to log hours at the stove creating their own, and would appreciate an artisanal ready-to-use version. DeRinzy approached his long-time friends, Joshua Bloom and Steven Craig, with a bottle of home-made simple syrup and a business plan. Bloom, a musician and serial entrepreneur whose endeavors include bringing the Plunge music festival to Telluride, had long held aspirations to run a candy shop. With Purely Syrups, his business acumen and sweet tooth could both be tapped. Craig's combined backgrounds in the hospitality and marketing industries made him a natural choice to round out the team.


B.G. Reynolds Tropical Mixers

11402346_872701432801298_4998616590228278910_oShaking and stirring classic and modern tropical cocktails just got easier, and more delicious, with B.G. Reynolds Tropical Mixers and Syrups developed by Blair Reynolds, a Portland, Ore. mixologist and owner of the popular Tiki-inspired bar, Hale Pele. The new line of cocktail mixers includes the classic Mai Tai, Jet Pilot and Zombie Punch, all ready to mix with your favorite aged rum or other spirit. Reynolds also redesigned the look of his tropical specialty syrups, ranging from Falernum with ginger, clove and almond to Lush Grenadine with pomegranate and hibiscus, and Tiki Spices with Jamaican pimento berry and Madagascar vanilla.

The new cocktail mixers are available in a 750-ml bottle online and in specialty stores in the Pacific Northwest. The MSRP is $15.99. 

Mai Tai – one of the powerhouse potables in the tropical bartender’s little black book. Originating from Oakland, Calif., this is the drink that really put tropical cocktails on the map. B. G. Reynolds’ Original Orgeat makes for sweet, floral flavors while tart lime and smooth orange mellow out the mix for the ultimate flavor. Mix with some crushed ice and your favorite aged rum for a taste of the tropics in a glass.

Jet Pilot – get ready for take-off with this rich mixture of citrus, cinnamon and spice! Only the best ingredients go into making this world-class mixer. Pair with your favorite aged rum.

Zombie Punch – this potent punch of flavor is based on the original 1934 recipe for the drink that started the first Tiki revolution. Hints of tropical flavors from pomegranate, grapefruit, lime and clove stir your spirits and awaken your tastebuds. Mix with any potent rum.  


Ali Mason Peach Gomme Syrup

34113139-a2f4-4ca3-925f-621ffea74ffbEli Mason and The Peach Truck have announced the details surrounding Peach Gomme Syrup, a collaborative limited edition syrup featuring The Peach Trucks’ Georgia peaches and Eli Mason’s signature syrup recipes. Peach Gomme Syrup will be available to the public Saturday, August 1st.

Combining the natural sweetness of fresh Georgia peaches with a cocktail mixer, Peach Gomme Syrup will allow seasonal peach lovers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite fruit after peach season ends. Gomme syrup is a premium sweetener that's been used in cocktails for over 150 years. Made from cane sugar and organic acacia powder, Eli Mason's Gomme Syrups give drinks a luxurious mouthfeel while softening the bite of the alcohol.

Peach Gomme Syrup will be available beginning August 1st on Eli Mason and The Peach Truck’s official websites.

Bonne O Carbonated & Mixed Drink Appliance 

Bonne-O-home-carbonation-systemBonne O is a home carbonation system. The name, meaning “good water,” comes from the French “bonne eau”. Bonne O allows bubbly beverage fans to create carbonated drinks using fresh, healthy ingredients found in their kitchen. This electric appliance creates beverages while not requiring a CO2 tank.

Your Bonne O enables you to carbonate almost anything - not just water. Over three years of research & development we determined the food safe solid that produced the maximum quantity of pure CO2 gas.

Using a food safe solid means that it is 100% safe and it can be shipped. The active ingredients are citric acid, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), potassium bicarbonate and potassium carbonate. All of these ingredients are found in the food you eat.



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