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Good Booze, Bad Booze: Drinking Reduces and Also Increases Stroke Risk

Cocktail chem 
One day science says drinking will make you live forever. The next day science says it will kill you tomorrow. Good Booze, Bad Booze is an Alcademics category where I put all these stories together. 


11/11/22:  Moderate wine consumption linked to reduced stroke risk, global study says [link]

11/3/22:  Moderate to heavy drinking linked to increased stroke risk in young adults [link]

"Health data from 32 nations has shown evidence that moderate wine consumption could lead to a reduced incidence of strokes, but the same cannot be said for other alcoholic drinks."

"But more than 90%Trusted Source of stroke cases are linked to modifiable risk factors such as alcohol consumption, which has been increasing globally. For instance, alcohol consumption increased by 104% per capita in East Asia between 1990 and 2017. Research from 2019Trusted Source shows that global alcohol consumption is projected to increase substantially."



Previous Good Booze, Bad Booze

9/18/15:  Drinking alcohol lowers heart attack risk, but increases cancer chance [link]

1/30/15: Drink beer to ward off Alzheimer's: study [link

1/22/15: A Drink a Day to Lower Heart Failure Risk [link

1/19/15: This is What Alcohol Does to Your Sleep [link

9/24/14: New Cardiology Study Cites Moderate Alcohol Consumption as a Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Associated with Reduced Heart Attack Risk [link

9/24/14: We Drink More Alcohol When We Exercise [link

8/14/14: The Truth We Won’t Admit: Drinking Is Healthy [link

8/9/14: How that nightly glass of wine can wreck your teeth: Dentists warn of the dangers of alcohol for oral health [link

7/30/14: Heavy Drinkers Are Prone to Memory Problems in Old Age [link

7/15/14: Moderate Alcohol Use Associated with Increased Risk for Atrial Fibrillation [link

6/19/14: Occasional glass of wine could save your eyesight [link

5/24/14: Red Wine Found to Fight Off Dental Cavities [link

5/22/14: Four glasses of wine is enough to harm your health, scientists say [link

 3/12/14: Red Wine Found to Reduce Death by Diabetes [link

2/06/14: All alcohol, even wine, raises risk of gout flare-ups: study [link

1/21/14: Red wine and chocolate could fight type 2 diabetes, research says [link

1/16/14: Studies link alcohol to early death, memory loss [link


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12/02/13: Caffeine Energy Drinks 'intensify heart contractions' [link

9/16/13: Alcohol does not cause depression: Study [link

9/10/13: Does Wine Drinking Protect Against Depression? [link

8/30/13: Teenage Drinking Raises Breast Cancer Risk, One Drink A Day Increases Likelihood By 13 Percent [link

 8/23/13:  Alcohol intoxication major risk factor for dementia  [link

6/17/13:  Red Wine "Wonder Pill" Undoes Effects of Exercise  [link

6/17/13:  Beer Bellies Are a Myth  [link

5/14/13:  Scientists reveal drinking champagne could improve memory  [link

 4/07/13:  Self-medication drinking may lead to alcohol dependence  [link

 4/06/13:  Binge drinking in your 20s can trigger heart disease, as being young has no protective effect against alcohol  [link

04/106/13:  Three glasses of fizz a day 'could improve your memory' [link]

3/19/13:  College enrollment does not lead to problem drinking in adulthood [link

 3/09/13:  Heavy drinkers get extra brain fuel from alcohol [link

 2/15/13:  Alcohol said to have big role in cancer [link

 1/29/13:  Local bottle shops linked to mental health [link

 1/23/13:  Alcohol and a Good Night's Sleep Don't Mix [link

 1/09/13:  Resolved to give up alcohol for January? It could do you more harm than good [link

 12/31/12:  Settling down with a Christmas tipple may be good for your health - but only if you're slim [link

 12/17/12:  Depression risk reduced in women who drink moderately [link

 12/10/12:  Beer is good for you: study finds that suds contain anti-viral powers [link

11/20/12:  Alcohol aids survival of traumatic injuries, UIC study shows [link

 11/13/12:  Resveratrol From Red Wine Grapes Could Help Kill Prostate Tumor Cells  [link

 11/7/12:  Could a glass of wine help a woman beat breast cancer?  [link] 

 10/27/12:  Red Wine Compound May Not Help Healthy Women  [link] 

 10/27/12:  Just two glasses of wine a day can nearly halve the number of brain cells we produce   [link] 

 9/9/12:  Consuming three or more alcoholic drinks daily may raise risk for hemorrhagic stroke  [link

 9/9/12:  No fun! Non-alcoholic wine best for health benefits  [link

 8/23/12:  Does Tequila Make Us Crazy?  [link

 8/23/12:  Potential mechanism for Calvados-related oesophageal cancer.  [link

8/23/12:  Alcohol may permanently damage DNA, causing cancer  [link] 

 8/16/12:  Booze and caffeine cocktails reduce likelihood of risk-taking behaviour  [link

8/16/12:  Alcohol mixed with energy drinks can raise risk of heart problems and other conditions  [link

8/04/12:  Regular glass of wine 'helps prevent thinning bones just like drugs'  [link

 7/19/12:  Binge drinking increases risk of cognitive decline  [link

 7/15/12:  Possible relief for red wine headaches? New yeast created for hypoallergenic wine  [link

 7/15/12:  Three Drinks a Week May Cut Arthritis Risk by Half, Study Says  [link] 

 6/25/12:  Two glasses of wine a day improves quality of life for middle-aged  [link

6/25/12:  Red Wine, Weather May Trigger Migraines  [link

 6/24/12:  'Moderate' Drinking During Pregnancy Has No Effect on Young Children: Study  [link

 6/23/12:  Alcohol abuse increases after weight loss surgery  [link

 6/10/12:  The miracle molecule: Hidden vitamin found in BEER and MILK can make you stronger, slimmer and healthier  [link

 5/11/12:  Alcohol Dosage May Speed or Slow Dementia [link

5/11/12:  Alcohol sharpens the mind, research finds [link]  

 3/1/12:  Alcohol can help heart attack victims live longer [link

 3/1/12:  Alcohol Helps Prevent Type-2 Diabetes [link

 2/15/12:  Vodka can boost problem solving and creativity, finds study [link

 2/6/12:  Two glasses of wine a day 'triples mouth cancer risk' [link

2/1/12:  Daily glass of red wine might not be good for you [link

 1/19/12:  Science Proves that Alcohol is Fun [link

1/19/12:  The Personality Trait Linking Alcohol to Aggression [link

1/19/12:  10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer [link

 12/27/11:  Prevention: Beer and Martinis: As Healthy as Wine? [link

 12/6/11:  A Sobering Look at Alcohol: 10-Year Study Finds High Death Rate [link

12/6/11:  Is a Daily Glass of Red Wine Good For Your Heart? Maybe Not [link

 12/3/11:  Moderate Alcohol Intake Linked To Lower Female Diabetes Risk[link

 11/16/11:  Wine is no Better Than Beer in Benefits [link]

 11/4/11:  Substance in red wine shows promise in first human study [link

 11/1/11:  Raising the Chance of Some Cancers With Two Drinks a Day [link

 10/28/11:  Alcohol linked to better survival after heart attack [link]

9/29/11:  Moderate alcohol may reduce asthma risk [link

9/29/11:  CDC Finds Moderate Drinking Leads To Longer Life; Buries Finding [link

9/7/11:  Aging: Health Gains From a Small Drink a Day [link

 9/7/11:  Raise a glass to healthy old age: Women in their 50s told two drinks a day can fight off illness [link

 9/7/11:  Alcohol Dulls Brain “Alarm” That Monitors Mistakes, MU Study Finds [link

 8/30/11:  Drinking And Sleeping May Be Bad For Your Health [link

 8/17/11:  Moderate wine drinking can fight weight gain [link

 8/01/11: Drinking wine could help to stop sunburn [link

 7/25/11: Drinking Alcohol May Prolong, Not Relieve, Stress [link

 7/07/11: Red wine compound good for those with 'sedentary lifestyle', says study [link

 6/22/11:  Half a glass of wine a day increases risk of cancer: Researchers [link

5/4/11:  Alcohol Bigger Cancer Danger Than Originally Thought, Study Says  [link

 4/13/11:  Drinking to forget? Bad news... alcohol can actually help you remember  [link

 4/9/11:  Scientists find gene linked to alcohol consumption  [link]

4/5/11:  Heavy Beer Drinking, Genetics May Raise Risk of Stomach Cancer [link

3/22/11:  Red wine 'can protect against radiation' [link

 3/18/11:  Heavy drinking ups death risk from cancer. [link

 2/25/11:  More Evidence Ties Moderate Drinking to Heart Health. [link

2/06/11:  Warning: Alcohol may increase your life expectancy and reduce dementia. [link

1/17/11:  Guinness is good for you, say medical experts [link

 12/27/10:  Violent-Drunk Gene Discovered [link

 12/25/10:  More research supports moderate drinking [link

 12/21/10:  Risks: Fewer Heart Problems Among Moderate Drinkers [link

 12/20/10:  Study Proves Your Feet Can't Drink Vodka [link

 12/18/10:   Wasted and warm? Booze a boneheaded cure for chills [link

 11/21/10:   Scientists Learn Why Alcohol Can Be Good for You [link

 11/21/10:   Holding their liquor makes women much sicker than men [link

11/21/10:   OK to Make That a Double, Study Finds [link

 10/23/10:   Why men are twice as likely to become alcoholics [link

 10/23/10 Alcohol's benefit: a half-full glass [link]

10/7/10: Study O.K.'s Light Drinking During Pregnancy. Too Good to Be True?  [link]

8/31/10:Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers  [link]

 8/24/10:One daily glass of wine 'can double risk of breast cancer'  [link]

 8/22/10: Binge drinking exponentially increase heart risk in men with hypertension [link]

 8/18/10: Moderate drinking, especially wine, associated with better cognitive function [link]

 8/15/10: Drinking regular beer several times a week may up a woman's risk of developing psoriasis [link]

 7/28/10: Drinking alcohol can 'reduce severity' of arthritis [link]

 7/19/10: Stroke risk may double in first hour after a drink [link]

6/25/10: Red Wine Compound Could Point to Treatment for Eye Diseases [link]

 6/22/10:Another reason to enjoy a glass of red wine [link]

 5/19/10: People Who Drink Half Bottle of Wine a Day Are Healthier, Study Finds [link]

4/22/10: Red wine may protect the brain against stroke damage [link]

3/12/10: Beer Consumption Increases Human Attractiveness to Malaria Mosquitoes [link]

3/07/10: Forget salad, WINE 'makes women slimmer' [link]

2/08/10: Beer May Be Good for Your Bones [link]

1/29/09: Switching to lower-alcohol wine 'prevents cancer'  [link]

12/11/09: Beer for Your Prostate? Pistachios Against Cancer? Studies We Wish Were True  [link]

12/11/09: Three glasses of wine a week 'increases risk of breast cancer' [link]

11/19/09: Resveratrol Exhibits Antiviral Properties in Italian Study [link]

11/19/09: Alcohol 'protects men's hearts'  [link]

11/17/09: Kudzu compound could help alcoholics quit drinking [link]

9/22/09: White wine rots your teeth... and brushing makes it worse [link]

9/22/09: Alcohol as a Lifesaver in Head Injuries   [link]

9/02/09: Moderate Drinking May Help the Brain  [link]

8/31/09: Regular drinkers get more exercise [link]

8/30/09: Moderate beer consumption linked to improved bone strength [link]

8/22/09: Daily drinking may raise risk of several cancers [link]

8/22/09: Does wine really prevent heart problems? [link]

6/16/09: Alcohol’s Good for You? Some Scientists Doubt It [link]

4/30/09: Wine Adds Five Years to Life, More Than Beer, Dutch Study Finds   [link]

4/21/09: Wine May Guard Against Lymphoma Recurrence  [link]

4/10/09: New study says a glass of wine a day can lead to 'the shakes'  [link]

3/31/09: Prevention: One Drink a Day Tied to Lower Death Risk  [link]

3/07/09: Alcohol Consumption May Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk  [link]

3/06/09: Moderate alcohol intake good for bones  [link]

3/02/09: Drinking Wine Lowers Risk Of Barrett's Esophagus, Precursor To Nation's Fastest Growing Cancer, Study Suggests  [link]

2/26/09: More evidence links alcohol, cancer in women  [link]

2/07/09: Alcohol stops men being a flop in bed  [link]

1/19/09: Study: Seniors Should Drink To Health [link]

12/31/08: Marinating steak in beer or wine 'reduces cancer chemicals' [link]

12/28/08: Too much beer, wine linked to cancer [link]

11/25/08: Four beers a day 'could make you go blind' [link]

11/24/08: Red, red wine: How it fights Alzheimer's [link]

11/01/08: Pregnant women 'can drink a small glass of wine a week' [link]

10/21/08: Alcohol doesn't worsen chronic lung conditions [link]

10/20/08: Women unaware of wine breast cancer risk [link]

10/14/08: Drinking Alcohol Associated with Smaller Brain Volume [link]

10/13/08: White wine may also be good for you. [link]

10/8/08: Red wine slashes lung cancer risk in smokers [link]

7/7/08: Fountain of Youth? Red wine gives up secrets [link]

7/7/08: Red wine 'won't extend your lifespan' [link]

5/27/08: Light Alcohol Consumption May Help Bones [link]

5/22/08: Beer Drinking May Speed Pancreatic Cancer Onset [link]



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Actually, that "women unaware of wine breast cancer link" is misleading.

No study was reported that links wine consumption per se with breast cancer. Instead, the panic merchants are equating the quantity of alcohol that increased breast cancer risk with "one large glass of wine."

Other studies have revealed vast differences in the effects of various types of alcohol consumed. For example, red wine is the only kind of alcohol shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Frankly, I think the presence of estrogen mimics in the environment and hormones in food and water are underestimated as potential contributors.

It's just so easy for the temperance freaks to pick on alcohol instead.


It's amazing how all over the board these are.

I tend to agree with the sentiment in a few of these articles that moderate drinkers generally live healthier, more active lifestyles.

It seems the benefits of healthy diet and exercise would far outweigh any health benefits of boozing.

The Concierge


There is an anthology of writings from the Old Testament to the then present relating to the good/bad of drinking and drinkers. Mostly excerpts of fiction. Not an easy read but perhaps you may enjoy parts of it. It is titled The Flowing Bowl and is by Geoffrey Mortlock and Stephen Williams. The publisher is Hutchinson & Co. (Great Britain). Although undated.


Funny ... reminds me of the great oat brand debate --- eat it (and oatmeal) and you will save your life/ooopps, don't eat it, it causes cancer.

My general theory on drinking (either heavy or moderate) is that germs cannot survive in an alcohol environment so it is good to keep my environment (me) filled with the stuff ... including wine which i don't particularly enjoy.

Paul M

I've heard researchers complaining that it's an incredibly difficult thing to study, as there aren't many societies where a roughly even proportion do and don't drink - as a control must necessarily be identical aside from the research topic.

i.e. if you take societies that drink, most people drink to some extent - unless they abstain for religious or health reasons, which thereby means they are ineligible for a control group as there are other nutritional or physiological differences. Not particularly relevant, but interested me!

Ultimately, journalists like a story, and without taking the results of every piece of research, scoring it on the basis of credibility/impartiality etc and averaging it, single (narrow) research papers are always going to cause an excited response from the press one way or another.

Hopefully the studies showing beneficial results will be numerous enough to prevent a re-prohibition of alcohol in the future!


I think that Paul and Mike make a good point here: in addition to the difficulty of establishing a control group, it's interesting to examine the question of causality in these studies. There is an older study here that addressed this nicely, I thought.

Aarushi Sharma

Scientists envisage "stay-sober" pill. A pill that would allow you to drink as much as you want without getting drunk is being developed.

Blair Frodelius

Damn, I must be high all the time. I exercise every morning, laugh all day and drink all night!

Blair Frodelius

I always drink with an eye to the future....

Jason S

Haha, I love this! It's funny how the news always finds ways to spin data to create new stories! I'm still sticking with a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart.

Joel Griffith

Very interesting! Some good points and some points that are hard to hear :P

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