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New Booze: 15 More Whiskies plus 8 Other Spirits

The regular New Booze feature might better be called New Whiskey, as it seems 80% of new spirits products released are scotch and bourbon. Today we have 15 of those, plus liqueurs, vodka, gin, cognac, and Spanish brandies.



GF_14_BOTTLEGlenfiddich 14 Year Old

Glenfiddich releases a new expression to its permanent portfolio: Glenfiddich 14 Year Old.  Exclusive to the United States, Glenfiddich 14 Year Old is matured for 14 years in ex-bourbon American Oak casks, then Glenfiddich Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, finishes the whisky in deep charred new American Oak barrels supplied by The Kelvin Cooperage in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Glenfiddich 14 Year Old (43% ABV) is certified Kosher and will be available nationally this fall at luxury whisky retail stores and premium bars and hotels in the United States.  (MSRP: $49.99 / 750ml)


Clyde May’s Special Reserve whiskey

Clyde May's Special ReserveThis fall, Clyde May’s is launching a Special Reserve whiskey, the first line extension in the brand’s history, which will be available for sale in limited quantity. Three  higher-proof Alabama-style whiskies were created to characterize features of five to six year-old bourbon stock. The bourbon is aged up to six years and finished non-cold filtered with a slight hint of apple, in the Alabama style. The final liquid was bottled at 110 proof, and will be available in different lots.

Over the past year, Clyde May’s Whiskey has also implemented a program that allows retail partners to create bespoke editions of Clyde May’s Special Reserve, drawing from a selection of hand-selected barrels. These barrels were organized into three distinct lots. The lots can be mixed by retail partners according to taste. Clyde May’s intends to expand this program in the coming years.

Beginning in October, Special Reserve will be available for purchase nationwide and online for $70. For more information on Clyde May’s Whiskey, including recipes and retail locations, please visit www.cmwhiskey.com.


UnnamedCopper & Kings Butchertown American Brandy

Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. is launching new Butchertown American Brandy. Named to honor the history of its home neighborhood, just east of downtown Louisville, the new offering from reserve casks is bottled at 124 proof.

The blend is 75% Kentucky bourbon barrels and 25% new American oak.

Copper & Kings Butchertown American Brandy (124 proof/62% ABV)
$60 per 750mL bottle


Sons of Liberty 2015 release (Batch #4) of Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey

2015 Pumpkin Whiskey_9The Sons of Liberty  announce the launch of its 2015 release (Batch #4) of Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey.

The 2015 release of Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey will make use of 30,000 lbs. of Rhode Island-grown pumpkins from Carpenter’s Farm. The Sons of Liberty, along with many loyal volunteers throughout New England cut, cored, roasted and pressed the load of pumpkins in pursuit of hundreds of gallons of fresh pumpkin juice, which was blended with a barrel-aged whiskey.

This barrel-aged whiskey (Batch #4)  complements the roasted, native harvest with traditional autumn spices - clove, allspice, vanilla, cinnamon and sweet orange peel. 

The Rhode Island-based distillery recently announced its arrival to the Connecticut market. Sons of Liberty will be distributing its full line of single malt craft whiskies, seasonal whiskies (including its vaunted Pumpkin Spice) and the first-of-its-kind True Born gin to Connecticut suppliers on and off premise effective immediately. 

Soberano Solera and Lepanto Gran Reserva Spanish Brandies

BOTELLAS_SOBERANO NP 2013The Soberano Solera (SRP: $24.99) is made from 100% distilled wine and is aged using the Solera system in American oak casks that previously held sherry for a total of 12 months. This leads a darker amber in color with hints of oak and nuts on the nose. It’s a versatile, full-bodied brandy that’s delicious on its own, over ice or with a range of mixers.

The Lepanto Gran Reserva (SRP: $55.99) is made from 100% Palomino grapes and aged for 12 years using the Solera system. The brandy is first aged in Tio Pepe Fino Sherry barrels for 9 years and then aged for 3 years in barrels that previously held Matusalem sherry. This process leads to a dry and elegant brandy that boasts aromas of caramel, vanilla, old oak, toasted almonds, and hints of wine.


The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve

TGL_Founders Reserve Bottle & PackThe Glenlivet introduces the US release of Founder’s Reserve, a new, permanent benchmark expression in the brand’s core range. 

With George Smith’s original vision in mind, current Master Distiller Alan Winchester has chosen aged oak casks and American first-fill oak casks in the process of making The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve. 

The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve will be available at selected retailers at a suggested price of $44.99. 


Barton 1792 Port Finish Bourbon

1792 Port Finish BottleBarton 1792 Distillery has unveiled a second new expression in its collection of  1792 whiskeys, 1792 Port Finish Bourbon. Similar to the inaugural 1792 expression released earlier this year, 1792 Sweet Wheat Bourbon, availability of this special expression will be limited.

1792 Port Finish Bourbon marries bourbon whiskey with the sweet flavor profile from port wine barrels. This bourbon was aged for six years in new American white oak barrels before spending another two years maturing inside used port wine barrels. 

1792 Port Finish Bourbon is bottled at 88.9 proof. Bottles are expected to hit stores sometime in October at the suggested retail price of $39.99. 1792 Port Finish Small Batch Bourbon was aged a total eight years. Although this is the first and only batch of 1792 Port Finish Bourbon, the distillery is considering making more. Furthermore, 1792 Distillery plans to release more new and different 1792 expressions over the next few years.


Compass Box Flaming Heart and ‘This is not a luxury whisky’

This is not a luxury Whisky_pack shotCompass Box continues its fifteenth birthday celebrations with a new release of one of its most sought-after Limited Editions: Flaming Heart. First created in 2006, Flaming Heart was the first ever whisky to combine the rich, complex spice of Scotch aged in new French oak with the  peat-fired smoke of Islay malt. 

A marriage of three parcels of malt whisky from Highland and Islay distilleries, Compass Box has once again taken the highly unusual step of revealing the precise age and sourcing of every cask that went into Flaming Heart. Four parcels of whisky were used to create Flaming Heart: 30yo and 14yo parcels of Islay malt whisky distilled at the Caol Ila distillery were blended with 20yo Highland malt whisky from the Clynelish distillery – and a further proportion of Blended Highland malt aged on new French oak.

 Bottled at 48.9% ABV, a total of 12,060 bottles of Flaming Heart will be available in Europe from 15th October 2015 and in the US from 12th November 2015 at £100 / $150 SRP.

Compass Box,  releases ‘This is not a luxury whisky’ – a Limited Edition Blended Scotch Whisky inspired by a 1929 surrealist artwork. \

Compass Box offers detailed sourcing information, which reveals that four parcels of whisky were used to create ‘This is not a luxury whisky’. 19 year old malt whisky distilled at the Glen Ord distillery was blended with two separate parcels of 40 year old grain distilled at Girvan and Strathclyde as well as a portion of 30 year-old malt whisky from the Caol Ila distillery. 

Bottled at natural cask strength of 53.1% ABV, 4,992 bottles of ‘This is not a luxury whisky’ will be available across Europe from 15th October 2015 at £150 SRP and in the US from 12th November at $225 SRP.


KELT XO Cognac

XO_ADMIRALKELT COGNAC, an independent boutique cognac producer based in Grande Champagne Cognac France, is set to release a limited edition run of their  KELT XO which will be un-chill filtered and at a higher strength proof in the US market. This unique X.O. will be available throughout the NY, NJ and CA markets beginning October 2015 and will have a 46% ABV and an $199-$225 MSRP.

Kelt Cognac, established in 1987 by Estonian-born Swedish entrepreneur Olev Kelt – who developed the brand’s 90 day tour du monde ocean maturation process and core component of KELT’s  cognacs. The waves constant motion dramatically increased the liquid’s contact with the cask’s surface, while the fluctuations in temperature, air pressure and atmospheric vapor and weather all make a tangible contribution. This became the basis for KELT Cognac’s signature Tour du Monde – a 90 day sea voyage that is mandatory for any cognac to inhabit – that produces truly one of a kind cognacs that have journeyed the world before they reach your glass.

This unique, new cognac uses the same formulation as the brand’s signature XO. Bottled at a higher strength and on, this limited edition run of KELT XO is produced from an intricate blend of 21 different venerable Grande Champagnes who’s complex harmony to create a truly one of a kind cognac.


John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve 

UnnamedHeaven Hill Brands announces the one-time release of John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve. Comprised of 12 barrels of wheated Bourbon produced at the Stitzel-Weller Distillery, original home of Heaven Hill’s Old Fitzgerald and direct ancestor to the celebrated Larceny brand..

Heaven Hill acquired the Old Fitzgerald line of wheated Bourbons—the flagship brand that legendary whiskey man Pappy Van Winkle produced at his original Stitzel-Weller Distillery in Shively, KY—in 1999, seven years after these barrels were filled and put up in the Stitzel-Weller rickhouses. After Heaven Hill acquired the Old Fitz line, these barrels were transferred to Warehouse Y at Heaven Hill’s Bardstown campus where they aged on the first floor. They were transferred into inert tanks in 2013 to arrest the aging process and preserve the incredible taste until they were bottled.

Recent interest in Bourbon history and rare bottlings has created awareness of and strong interest in whiskeys produced at Stitzel-Weller, as past bottlings distilled at have become highly sought after and very expensive in the secondary collector’s markets. The release of John E. Fitzgerald Special Reserve, available only in a 375ml bottle to maximize the very limited supply for a retail price of $300.

The 12 original Stitzel-Weller barrels were dumped together and bottled at 90° proof or 45% alcohol by volume. The barrels were not chill filtered. 


Jim Beam Signature Craft Harvest Bourbon Collection Six Row Barley & Triticale 

JB_SC_Harvest_TriticaleFrom Jim Beam Signature Craft comes the Jim Beam Harvest Bourbon Collection, a series of six  bourbons that celebrate the  tastes imparted by the distillation of different grains. More than 11 years of aging have brought out the nuances of these unique ingredients to create unique whiskey expressions.

Jim Beam 7th Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe is proud to release the third and final wave of two grain representations – Six Row Barley and Triticale – in small quantities this September. The first set of expressions – Soft Red Wheat and Brown Rice – were released in September 2014 and the second set- High Rye and Whole Rolled Oat- were released in February 2015. 

Jim Beam Signature Craft Six Row Barley Bourbon: A light-bodied bourbon, bottled at 90 proof that has an inviting fall campfire, light smoke finish from its 11 years of aging.

Jim Beam Signature Craft Triticale Bourbon: A light-bodied bourbon, bottled at 90 proof that has a warm and inviting finish from its 11 years of aging.

Jim Beam Signature Craft Six Row Barley and Triticale have a suggested retail price of $49.99 for a 375mL and are available in select bars and retailers nationwide.


Roundstone Rye Cask Proof - Peach and Maple Finished Rye

Unnamed (1)Catoctin Creek announces the release of two of expressions of Roundstone Rye Cask Proof.  The first expression is our Roundstone Rye "Maple Finished" Cask Proof, where we've taken those old maple-syrup barrels from the Langdon Wood maple syrup that we sell in our tasting room, and we re-filled them with whisky. Only 26 cases will be available in the tasting room for sale.

The second expression is our Roundstone Rye "Peach Brandy Finished" Cask Proof, where we've taken one  spent peach brandy barrels and finished the whisky in that barrel. Only 8 cases are available in the tasting room for sale.

Both whisky expressions will also be released in limited quantities into the Maryland, DC, and California markets. Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye "Cask Proof" Whisky, 59.8% ABV, whisky distilled from 100% rye, 750ml, SRP $89.90. 


Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Spirits 

Dogfish Head’s new state-of-the-art distillery is in the heart of its Milton campus. At the heart of the distilling operation are two 500-gallon copper stripping stills and a 250-gallon copper vodka column, sourced from fourth-generation custom fabricator Vendome Copper & Brass Works in Louisville, Ky.

The first spirits to debut from Dogfish Head Distilling Co. are Analog Vodka, Compelling Gin and Whole Leaf Gin. Dogfish Head Analog Vodka (80 Proof, Suggested Retail Price $32.99), Compelling Gin (88 Proof, Suggested Retail Price $36.99) and Whole Leaf Gin (90 Proof, Suggested Retail Price $38.99) will hit restaurants. bars and retailers throughout Delaware just before Thanksgiving. Dogfish Head plans to expand distribution to other mid-Atlantic states in 2016.

Dogfish Head Analog Vodka (80 proof): Made with 100% brewers malt and our proprietary ‘Doggie’ yeast. 

 Dogfish Head Compelling Gin (88 proof): Distilled using the peel and flesh of our favorite citrus and a long list of beautiful culinary ingredients stolen from our brewpub kitchen.

 Dogfish Head Whole Leaf Gin (90 proof): Like Dogfish Head’s signature line of continually hopped IPAs, Whole Leaf Gin continually doses whole leaf hops into each step of the gin distillation process. 


Putnam New England Rye Whiskey, Seymour’s Coffee Liqueur and Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueur

Putnam_Rye_FrontBoston Harbor Distillery, the new Dorchester, Massachusetts-based distillery founded by Rhonda Kallman, adds three new spirits– Putnam New England Rye Whiskey, Seymour’s Coffee Liqueur and Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueur – each available in stores throughout the region beginning on October 1st. Boston Harbor Distillery  are branded with the names of the early Massachusetts entrepreneurs who once occupied their historic waterfront site: the S. S. Putnam Nail Factory, George Lawley & Son Shipbuilders and Seymour’s Ice Cream, best known for creating the Nutty Buddy.

The company’s first whiskey to come off their handmade, copper pot still is Putnam New England Rye Whiskey, made with 95% rye malt and 5% two-row malted barley.  Aged in heavily charred 53-gallon new American oak barrels, Bottled at 86 proof for $50 per 750ml bottle.

Seymour’s Coffee Liqueur is made with a base of un-aged rye whiskey,  coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasters (Lee, MA), a proprietary blend of coffee syrups from Autocrat (Rhode Island) and Grade-A maple syrup from Ackermann Maple (Cabot, Vermont), sold for $35 per 750ml bottle.

Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueur, is rum based and made with fresh Wisconsin cream and Ackermann Maple Syrup,  sold for $35 per 750ml bottle.

Putnam New England Rye Whiskey, Seymour’s Coffee and Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueurs will be available at Boston Harbor Distillery and select retailers throughout MA, RI and CT beginning in October 2015.


Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye

RR SB RyeRye Whiskey is booming, and legendary Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell are responding the only way they know how – a 104 proof, barrel-aged spice bomb like only they know how to make. 

The Russells  selected  barrels primarily from the “center cut” locations (levels 3 – 5) of the rick houses for their newest creation. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye is not chilled-filtered. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye will be available year-round as a permanent addition to the Russell’s Reserve portfolio joining its predecessors Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon, Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old Rye and Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon. It will be sold nationwide in 750ml bottles starting September 2015 for a suggested retail price of $59.99.


Johnnie Walker Select Casks –Rye Cask Finish

JwJohnnie Walker will introduce its newest Scotch whisky: Johnnie Walker Select Casks –Rye Cask Finish, a 10-year-old, 46%-ABV (92 U.S proof), chill-filtered blended Scotch whisky. This will be the first in a series of limited edition wood-finished Scotch blends that will be released over the coming years. Each will feature a different wood finish crafted for today’s whisky enthusiast.

With Cardhu single malt at the heart of the blend, Johnnie Walker’s Master Blender Jim Beveridge used whiskies matured for at least ten years in first-fill American Oak casks. He finished the scotch in ex-rye whiskey casks. It is bottled at 92 proof, a higher proof than the other marques in the Johnnie Walker portfolio. However, it remains chill-filtered.

The suggested retail price of the limited edition Johnnie Walker Select Cask – Rye Cask Finish is $45 (750ml) and will be available from October 2015 in fine wine and spirit stores and bars across the US.




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