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New Bar Tools, Glassware, Garnishes, and Branch Water

Here are some new non-liquor products hitting the market. 


BOTTLE.+PIC.+FEAST+OF+FIELD+&+FORESTAlice & the Magician Edible Fragrances

A&M Edible Fragrance opens the door to an entire world of exotic aromatics specially designed for the professional bartender, chef, or cocktail enthusiast. All the flavors are carefully formulated with pure, natural ingredients for a "true to nature" experience. Alice & the magician combines the science of aroma, the art of fragrance and the purest, rarest ingredients on the planet to help you craft the perfect cocktail.

Flavors include both singular aromas like ginger and combination flavors in themes such as "Feast of Field and Forest" and "Charred Bourbon Barrel."  

Available for sale at:




UnnamedtheUncommonGreen Glassware

This brand produces etched glassware and other designer drink products. Glassware designs includes city maps, "smart" barware with scientific information (like pi out to a few hundred digits) and historical document designs; plus miscellaneous bar tools and even smartphone cases.


Old Limestone Mixing Water

OldLimestone_750ML_Bottle (2)Old Limestone mixing water, used as a splash or in ice cubes for bourbon, is the first bottled water to be sourced from an ancient limestone aquifer that runs underneath the Kentucky bluegrass region, the same aquifer that has drawn bourbon distillers for centuries. As water passes over limestone, iron is filtered out producing a sweet-tasting mineral water. In addition to improved taste, the removal of iron prevents bourbon mash from turning black making it a sought after resource for distillers.

Bottled at a free-flowing spring 130-feet below Bourbon country’s rolling hills in Wilmore, Ky., and purified through reverse osmosis.

Old Limestone, sold in a 750ml French pure flint glass bottle ($9.95) and a 1L PET bottle ($3.95), can be purchased at, Casker’s, and select retailers throughout the country.



Standard Spoon Barspoons

Copy of whitebackground (6 of 7)The WINGMAN Cocktail Spoon, inspired by vintage swivel spoons, spins freely while stirring ice with barely a flick of the wrist. For bartenders, this spoon requires less hand and wrist motion and decreases the concentration required in a high volume setting. This is a go-to spoon for professionals dealing with occupational injuries or wrist strain. For the home cocktail enthusiast this swivel spoon is the easiest way to stir a drink, and makes stirred cocktails at home more accessible for beginners. $45

The AERO Cocktail Spoon is a straight-handled bar spoon fused into one piece for a seamless, unbreakable design. The weighted end provides for a solid, beautifully balanced tool. Both spoons have a slim profile that make them easy to insert around the ice in a mixing glass, and the bowl of each spoon holds 1/8 oz of liquid, including the meniscus. $35




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