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Inside the Wonderful World of the Spirits Launch Press Boxes

InstaI receive a lot of boxes of liquor in the mail, sometimes in the form of a launch kit rather than just a bottle wrapped in bubble wrap. These kits are usually complete with little gifts like tasting glasses, cocktail shakers, and nearly always a USB drive with a press kit on it. (Fun fact: I love liquor branded USB drives and have quite the collection.)

Pretty much all of the Alcademics' Instagram feed is "Hey look what showed up in the mail!"

I don't really talk much about the kits much because they're not available to the public (just the liquor in the box), they don't make the liquor taste any different, and I wouldn't want people to think I'm spoiled or anything, even though I totally am. 

But here's a post just about that. The boxes really add up over time. Some of them are incredibly nice boxes (never mind the deliciousness inside them) that end up getting used in my apartment as the medicine cabinet, accessories drawer, kitchen utensil storage, stacked up as end tables, and many other things. It's probably sad how many times I walk laps around my apartment trying to find uses for a newly-arrived particularly impressive wooden box. 

Here is a picture of some of the boxes that are currently being used in my apartment.



For most boxes (remember, I'm spoiled) I'm like "you should have saved the money and just mailed two bottles instead," but on occasion I  am super wowed. That happened a couple weeks ago when Bacardi launched three new single-malt whiskies and sent them in what appear to be three giant books (about two feet high). 



Inside are wonders. I haven't tried the liquid yet but in the pictures below the compass is a USB drive, one of them came with a serving tray and really nice heavy glasses, and the third has a blacklight flashlight you use to reveal the secret code in the book that is the combination to the lock of another USB drive. Plus a couple tasting glasses, a watch, and an antler-shaped letter opener. 


  • IMG_0461
  • IMG_0463
  • IMG_0465


I have since removed the contents from their book-boxes and they're stacked up to make a lovely literary accent table to hold my keys. 

At the end of the day journalism is a sad choice of a profession but the unboxing is fun. 



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Very cool post. Some of these look like they would have commercial success as gift sets (ie. the Diageo boxes). It would be great if the general public could purchase them.

Camper English

I agree. And then the holidays roll around and it's just a bottle and 2 branded glasses. I imagine that end-cap space in liquor stores is at a premium. Perhaps online ordering will change it...

Camper English

Update - Somehow I missed this in the press kit until just now, but in this case these kits are actually available for sale:


The Aultmore Tome would be an amazing gift. I mean, how cool is the fact that it comes with a cryptex? lol.
A bit out of my price range though, but cool nonetheless.


Nice swag but these are not Diageo malts, these are being launched by Bacardi FYI.

Camper English

Ugh, embarrassing! Thanks and I'll edit the post.

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