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A List of Awesome Bar Names from Jamaica

I was in Jamaica a couple weeks ago visiting rum distilleries. Much like on Barbados (where they are called rum shops), Jamaica has a huge number of bars (and churches) per capita.

IMG_0821The bars line the sides of the roads and are usually little more than 1-room shacks. They have the best names, so given that we spent about 3 hours each day (each way) driving around the island, we made it a car game of finding the funniest-named bars on the island. 

Here are a mere handful of the most awesome ones:

  • Sexy Ann's Purple Juice Bar and Lounge
  • Candy's Chill Spot
  • Plastics Bar and Lounge
  • Easy Hide Out Bar
  • Girly Hot Spot
  • Club Concussion
  • Chillax Reef Bar
  • IMG_0841Rum Face Bar
  • Just 1 More Bar
  • Wet Puss Bar
  • Teisha's Rendez-Vous
  • Denise Sports Bar
  • Sexy OC Bar
  • Yellow Bar
  • Amazing Taste Restaurant & Bar
  • Look Out a Road Pub
  • Star Light Bar and Meats
  • Flava's HQ
  • Godmother Sports Bar
  • Denise's Bar & Car Wash
  • Ann's Chill Out Shop
  • All Seasons Bar & Jerk Centre
  • Diva's Hot Spot
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Sasha Bar + Treats
  • Maggoty Jerk Center
  • Breathe Ezzi
  • Young Money Restaurant & Jerk Centre
  • Birdy's One-Stop Pub





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Scott French

Lots of good ones but I think "Rum Face Bar" is the best.

Rashad Bullock

Easy hideout dope too

Kim Batdorff

I was at birds awhile back. Great bar and great people

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