New Booze March 2016: Gins, Irish and Other Whiskies, Mushroom Cordials, and More
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New Drink Books: Cocktail Coloring Books, Rock and Roll Drinks, Vintage Reprints, Anti-Artisanal Drinks

Here are some of the new cocktails, spirits, and other drinks books hitting the market this spring.

Zen and Tonic: Savory and Fresh Cocktails for the Enlightened Drinker by Jules Aron

Image001Green drinks gone boozy!Create your own delicious cocktails using ingredients you can find in your own backyard, windowsill, or local farmer’s market. Learn to make your own simple syrups and infusions with immune boosting fruits, herbs and veggies that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Lavishly illustrated with full-color photographs and offering over 100 fun, simple, and delicious cocktail recipes, Zen and Tonic lets you infuse your life and drinks with healthy, wholesome, revitalizing ingredients.Complete with a thorough introduction to today’s producers of organic and quality spirits, and a spotlight on the wholesome herbs, spices and super foods featured in the recipes, Zen and Tonic, brings a fresh twist to the classic toast: “Let’s drink to your health!”


The Craft Cocktail Coloring Book by Prof Johnny Plastini

41U085OAlYLThis adult coloring book is an essential relaxation for anyone with a true passion for the art of the craft cocktail: 15 magnificent easy to mix craft cocktail recipes with corresponding illustrations of each authentic concoction are included for your coloring pleasure! Totally immerse your sophisticated adult brain by coloring elaborate and classy garnish illustrations which range from star anise, to sprigs of rosemary and Meyer lemon. Perfect as a fun adult party favor, group coloring activity or hip bar decor, this adult coloring book of craft cocktails is a quirky collection sure to spark your creativity. With names like "Mana Potion," "French 86ed," and "Donkey Derby," each new delicious craft cocktail you mix and color will tickle your coloring fancy and alchemist intrigue. Party on!



Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Distilling and Cocktails from the World's Hippest Borough By Peter Thomas Fornatale and Chris Wertz

UnnamedIn the popular tradition of farm-to-table cookbooks, Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Distilling and Cocktails from the World's Hippest Borough, is the first distillery-to-glass cocktail book. Over the past two decades, Brooklyn has become the epicenter of a Slow Food-inspired food and drink revolution. Brooklyn distillers, restaurateurs, bartenders, and cocktail aficionados are changing the way we drink by bringing back old techniques and recipes, and creating new ones that focus on small-batch distilling and fresh, local ingredients. In 2002, craft distilling was made legal in New York State for the first time since Prohibition. Many Brooklyn-based producers such as Greenhook Ginsmiths, Cacao Prieto, Industry City Distilling, Brueckelen, and others have taken advantage of this.

Organized into chapters focused on these distilleries, each chapter will take an in-depth look at the distillery's story and the spirits they offer, and will present half-a-dozen cocktail recipes. Within these chapters, there will be sub-sections on several varying topics: a look at the bars and restaurants serving the Brooklyn-produced spirits; highlights on the work of local mixologists; and subsections on the history of distilling in Brooklyn.

The book consists of:
* Approximately 70 drink recipes like the Deathbed Manhattan, One Mint Julep, and the Kickstarter (a mix of updated classics and original cocktails contributed by Brooklyn distillers and bartenders, and the authors).
* 15 recipes for syrups, bitters, and other ingredients to improve your cocktails.


New From Cocktail Kingdom


Bok_roecharlie_0000_01e_web1Originally published in 1930
• Introduction by Jeff Berry
• Contains vaudevillian inspired songs with illustrations
• Published by Cocktail Kingdom
• Hardcover, 95 pages

AMERICAN BAR {By Frank P. Newman}

Bok_newmanfrankp_0000_01e_web1alt Originally published in 1904
• Entirety of book is in French, with the introduction written in English and French
• Introduction by Fernando Castellon
• Published by Cocktail Kingdom
• Hardcover, 111 pages

LOUIS' MIXED DRINKS {By Louis Muckenstrum}

Bok_muckensturm_0000_01e_web1altOriginally published in 1906
• New introduction by Phil Duff
• Published by Cocktail Kingdom
• Hardcover, 113 pages


Pretty Fly For a Mai Tai: Cocktails with rock 'n' roll spirit  

Pretty Fly for a Mai TaiIt's an undisputed truth that music and booze go hand-in-hand. So what better way to improve your favorite songs than by pairing them with a tailor-made cocktail?

A perfect gift for any music fan, Pretty Fly For A Mai Tai offers 75 delicious drinks recipes accompanied by humorous illustrations which are sure to please the audiophile in your life.

Cocktails include:
The Gin Genie
Smells Like Martini Spirit
This Charming Manhattan
Negroni Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)
Born to Rum
Hey Ho, Pisco
Eggnoggin' on Heaven's Door
Hotel Caipirinha


Image001 (1)Cocktails for Drinkers: Not-Even-Remotely-Artisanal, Three-Ingredient-or-Less Cocktails that Get to the Point  by Jennifer McCartney 

Homemade pineapple-Sriracha syrup, giant spherical ice cubes, gin made from herbs picked by Armenian nuns and distilled with holy water . . . all for the low low price of $16 (in Brooklyn dollars). The artisanal cocktail movement is, let’s face it, not for everyone. What about drinks for the rest of us? The boozers who just want a good, stiff cocktail we can make at home after a day at work? What if you don’t own an ice-shaving kit or grow organic rosemary in your backyard? What if you're using a mug with your hand over it to mix your gimlet instead of the bespoke copper cocktail shaker you see at every joint in Bushwick? Rejoice, this book is for you. 40 two-color illustrations.





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