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New Tools & Mixers: Spoonless Barspoon, Levitating Cup, Cocktail Computer, and More


Strr_2xtear_33.5cm_stlDe Soto Double Teardrop Stirrer from Cocktail Kingdom

• Designed in collaboration with Nico de Soto
• Smooth coil
• Stainless steel
• 33.5cm length

Available in several finishes.  $19.95 - $27.95



Shaker"Copenhagen Cocktail Shaker" aka Nuance Cocktail Shaker

Acknowledging that trendy design is incomplete without sublime functionality, design pair Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby involved bartender Humberto Saraiva Marques. Humberto recently opened the trendy and stylish cocktail bar 'Curfew' in the heart of Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

Humberto explains - The small and thoughtful features make this shaker a dream for both professionals and the home bar.  The top and bottom of the Nuance Copenhagen Shaker are made of stainless steel, chilling drinks quickly. The shaker is designed with double walls, so I just have to shake the cocktail briefly and the drink cools perfectly. Double walls counteract with the inner silicone top and bottom, so the shaker becomes icy cold on the outside, and can used for longer periods of time. While guests are enjoying a cocktail at 'Curfew', Humberto wants to disturb them as little as possible. The double walls reduce noise of ice cubes shaking against the steel.

Nuance Copenhagen Shaker contains the entire 0.7 liters and it allows making 2-3 cocktails at a time. The height is 25 cm and the diameter is 9 cm.


The Cocktail Computer

CC_Open_NewThe Cocktail Computer suggests curated cocktail recipes based on the ingredients you have at home. The Cocktail Computer's curated list of 24 ingredients was selected by top bartenders. It provides a comprehensive list of easy to make, sophisticated cocktails that will impress even the most discerning palates at your party.

We know that cocktail expertise varies greatly. This was the core building block for creating the recipe cards. The cards include a wide variety of drinks, that are not only delicious and hand-selected by experts, but can be made by almost anyone. These can also be swapped out with updated decks of recipes in the future, so you never run out of tasty cocktail recipes.


Oak Tumbler and Levitating Cup from Oak Bottle

Fresh from the innovators behind the Oak Bottle comes the Oak Tumbler and Levitating Cup--a whole new way to experience one’s favorite drink.

Oak Tumbler

UnnamedBoasting a smaller size with big flavor in a fraction of the time, the Oak Tumbler allows users to infuse their favorite beer, whiskey, wine or any other spirits with extravagant oak flavors and aromas in just hours.

Users can enjoy instant aging in as little as thirty minutes to up to four hours, depending on their desired age preference. Just like the original Oak Bottle, the the inside of the Oak Tumbler is toasted to medium level. However, the Tumbler's small size and wide brim allows for the release of aromas and flavors as one sips.

UnnamedLevitating Cup

The beverage cup of the future has arrived. The Levitating Cup is guaranteed to turn heads as it defies gravity and hovers gracefully in midair while showcasing one’s favorite wine, cocktail, or Oak Bottle aged vintage.

What keeps the perfectly curved cup aloft? Feel free to either keep guests scratching their heads or divulge its scientific secrets. Regardless, this elegant glassware is poised to be the center of attention whether it’s floating in the home kitchen or at the trendy whiskey bar downtown.

To use, simply align the cup over its signature base and watch as it levitates and rotates uninterrupted till that next sip.

The Levitating Cup can hold up to 10.5 fluid ounces of liquid.


Cocktail Kits from Travel Size Alcohol

GreatnortherntsaTravel Size Alcohol has everything you need to mix and sip two perfect cocktails, wherever, whenever. With a menu of 10 seasonal cocktails, you can choose from a sour, a sling, or an old fashioned. The coaster doubles as your instructions, and the origami jigger and spoon help you mix it up just right.

How it works: Open the bag, follow the instructions on the coaster, pinch and fill our trademark collapsible jigger, mix up a cocktail and celebrate. Each kit includes: Ingredients for 2 cocktails, 3 spirits in 50 ml bottles, 25 ml jigger to help you measure out your cocktail, Mixers needed to sweeten and sour your cocktail, Instructional coaster, and Stirrer. Kits ranges from $19 to $24. 

The newest available release is the Great Northern Old Fashioned, a take on a maple old fashioned. The base spirit took the 2016 whiskey crown, a 90% rye produced by a grand old Canadian distillery. Sweetness comes from a smoked maple infused bourbon - think liquid billionaire’s bacon, with barrel-aged bitters contributing notes of walnut, bing cherry, ginger, and gentian.


Cocktail Crate Mixers

Unnamed (2)Forget what you think you know about pre-made cocktail mixers, Cocktail Crate’s mixers are different. Quality cocktails shouldn’t cost a fortune or be difficult to make. That’s why Cocktail Crate meticulously handcrafted each mixer form fresh, carefully selected ingredients. They take pride in what they make so that you can take pride in what you drink. Flavors include Sriracha Margarita, Ginger Bee, Spiced Old Fashion, Grapefruit Daiquiri, and Maple Whiskey Sour.






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