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Watch Camper English talk about Liqueurs during this Online Bartender Conference

This year is the first (hopefully annual) Craft Bartender Summit, an online series of videos designed for (and free to) bartenders. 

There will be six videos, first streaming live on April 17th with the person in the video present in the chatroom alongside the showing. Then the videos will be available for viewing online for at least a couple of weeks. 

My talk is about liqueurs and I'll be live in the chatroom at 11:30 AM in the Pacific timezone heckling myself along with the rest of the crowd (and answering any questions that come up- that's what I'm really there for).


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.51.21 PM

The description of my seminar is below. I hope you can sign up and tune in.

Liqueurs: Understanding, Unpacking and Hacking the Sweet Stuff

More than merely liquor with added sugar, liqueurs are a wide-ranging category of spirits born from the intersection of alchemy, medicine, and food preservation. We’ll discuss international legal definitions, production methods, ways to categorize liqueurs, and a few ways to hack them to create both high-proof and non-alcoholic cocktails and garnishes. We’ll learn whether or not amari are liqueurs (it depends on where you are!), how much sugar you can put in flavored vodka before it becomes a liqueur (a ton), the difference between orange curacao and triple sec and between a cream and a creme, and how to make liqueur-flavored paint and fruit leather.

Sign up here.