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75 Cocktails to Drink Before you Die in San Francisco

For the last few years I've written 7x7 Magazine's Big Drink list, also known as 50 Things to Drink in San Francisco Before you Die.

This year, we upped the number to 75. I was having trouble justifying including some neighborhood bars just to include a bar in the neighborhood, while not including a great bar somewhere Downtown just because it was in an area with too many other good bars. So we upped the number of bars and the problem  was solved.


Big drink

That brought in some fun old newcomers to the list, like the Big 4, Spec's, and Mission Rock, along with new  bars this year including Wildhawk, P.C.H., and The Progress. 

It was a lot of "difficult" "research" but think it's a pretty good list. Check it out!