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Finally, A Book Series About Cocktails and Witchcraft

I love very serious sciency craft cocktail stuff, but I also love silly ridiculous cocktail stuff. This would be in the latter category.

Hex on the beachI stumbled across a new series of self-published books on Amazon by author Gina Lamanna called the Magic & Mixology Series and read the first book called Hex on the Beach.

In it the lead character discovers that she's a witch and moves to the magical island of her people; and that her inherited job on the island is as The Mixologist. 

So she has to learn to create magical cocktails that are spells named after cocktails. I think that's as much as you need to know, and the plot isn't too much more complicated than that, nor are the drinks. 

She has another book in the series called Witchy Sour and a forthcoming book called Jinx & Tonic

It's beach reading for cocktail geeks. 

I have long enjoyed paying attention to cocktails in popular culture and how they bleed into new areas are they grow increasingly well-reported/understood.

I had the idea to do a series of cocktail mysteries ("The bartender did it!") that I'll probably never execute but know that somebody will one day. 

Until then, this is some stuff to read because why not. 


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