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Testing Out the Rabbit Clear Ice Tray

I received a sample of the forthcoming Rabbit Clear Ice Cube Tray, which will be "only available at Bed Bath & Beyond starting in the fall," though I don't see it on the site yet. I'll link to it when it goes live. 

Now it's available here.

The predicted retail price is $19.99, far less expensive than any other clear ice tray on the market. 


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Brand Images


As you can probably tell from the images, this ice cube tray takes advantage of Directional Freezing, the technique I pioneered here on Alcademics. 

What is not visible is that each of the four blue ice cube holders has a hole in the bottom, so you fill the tray with more water than fits in the cube part alone. Directional freezing (from the top to the bottom since the sides are all insulated) will cause trapped air and impurities to push down into the bottom of the chamber, leaving the top (the entire ice cube) very clear. 

To remove the ice cubes, you pull the plastic part out of the base cooler, and pop the cubes out of the tray. My first trial with this was quick and painless. Below are pictures from my first trial.

Takes up a "row" of freezer space


Pull out the top tray from the insulation and run warm water over to remove cubes easily


The remainder of ice beneath the tray. I didn't let them freeze completely so they look more clear than they'd be if completely frozen.



Pros: The price point is great; and it's a good proof-of-concept of a directional freezing tray. It's easy to use, and it will probably be a big gift this holiday season. If you take photos of cocktails at home, you can finally not have the ugly white bits in your cubes. 

Cons: It's large; taking up a good chunk of freezer space, and you only get one highball glass worth of ice cubes out of it. The cubes aren't super big, so while you may impress yourself/your guests with your clear ice cubes, you're not going to blow their minds as you might with a 2-inch cube.