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New Booze November 2016: Five new Cognacs, Plus Lots of Whiskey

I'm quite late in getting out the new booze, and missed October entirely. Oops! Here is  most everything since September. I'm happy to see some new cognac hitting the market!


Martell Blue Swift
MARTELL_BLUE_SWIFT_CONTREPLONGEEFall 2016 Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Houston and Washington D.C
$49.99 for 750ml

Martell reveals Martell Blue Swift, an Eau de Vie de Vin made of 100% Martell VSOP French cognac finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks. By 1783, Martell was the first to ship its cognac barrels from France to the United States.  Finishing the aging of Martell cognac VSOP in Kentucky Bourbon casks. 40% Alc./Vol.


Captain Morgan Jack-O'Blast Bottle ShotCaptain Morgan Jack-O'Blast
September 2016 National

Stemming from last year’s successful launch of Captain Morgan Cannon Blast, the Captain Morgan Rum Co. is spicing up the shots category again this fall with Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast – the first pumpkin spiced rum offering to ever hit shelves. Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast is a fall-inspired shot that blends Caribbean rum with favorite seasonal flavors – including fresh pumpkin, cinnamon and other autumnal spices.  The pumpkin spiced rum (60 proof, 30% ABV).

TuB Gin "Hoppy Plum"
Fall 2016 TBD
The first in a limited edition seasonal batch of TuB Gin called “Hoppy Plum.” The first special edition Fall flavor, “Hoppy Plum,” starts with the original citrus-forward gin made with locally picked high desert juniper berries, is married with Palisade plums in the Palisade Plum Eau De Vie and is macerated with Palisade Chinook Hops, for a softly spiced smooth spirit. The forward flavor of Eau De Vie is of particular note, as Peach Street Distillers was the first distillery in the country to include it in their gin.


Towiemore 750 72dpiClassic Selection from The Lost Distillery Company
October 2016
$43 for 750ml 
The Lost Distillery Company, a Scotch producer committed to creating whiskies styled on long-closed distilleries, has launched three new whiskies in the U.S. market. The new blended malt whiskies – Benachie, Towiemore, and Lossit are a part of the Classic Selection.

The foundation for each rediscovered whisky is comprised of archives, historical records, and analysis of 10 key components, with the four most critical being water source, peat, still and wood. The other key components that influence and define each original character include era, locality, barley, yeast, mash tun and wash back. The Lost Distillery Company’s scotch whiskies are available in 750-ml expressions: Benachie Classic Selection (SRP $43), Lossit Classic Selection (SRP $43) and Towiemore Classic Selection (SRP $43). Each 750ml bottle is 43 percent alcohol by volume.


Outryder Bottle ShotOutryder
Fall 2016

Outryder is Bottled in Bond and represents Wyoming Whiskey's first use of rye, along with corn and malted barley, to craft a straight whiskey from two distinct mash bills. These two whiskies were laid down in November of 2011 at the behest of co-founder David DeFazio. The first mash bill contains 48% winter rye, 40% corn, and 12% malted barley and the second reflects a traditional bourbon mash bill of 68% corn, 20% winter rye, and 12% malted barley. All grains are non-GMO and grown in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming.


Chivas Regal Ultis Chivas Regal Ultis
Fall 2016 Limited cities across the U.S.
$200 for 750ml

Chivas Regal Ultis is the first blended malt Scotch whisky from the House of Chivas.


CascadiaCascadia d'Amore from New Deal Distillery
Fall 2016 National
$34.95 for 750ml

When developing Cascadia d’Amore, New Deal distiller/owner Tom Burkleaux set out to create a gentian-forward bitter liqueur that tipped his hat to the great traditions of French and Alpine liqueurs, while also drawing inspiration from botanicals and culinary herbs that grow wild in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Among the aromatics in the distilled infusion are rose petals and wild lavender. Savory notes come from rosemary and tarragon, selected alongside whole dried botanicals distilled and then finished with a maceration of gentian and angelica root.This is the first in a series of American bitter liqueurs from New Deal Distillery. 70 proof 35% alcohol by volume.



Hennessy Master Blender's Selection No. 1
October 2016 National (U.S. only)
$80 for 750ml 

1447_Hennessy_Project C_21-07-2016_1P9A9698Master Blender Yann Fillioux and the Hennessy Tasting Committee structured Master Blender’s Selection N°1 by defining a first selection of eaux-de-vie. They then narrowed their selection down to 80 to 100 eaux-de-vie and grouped them according to their elegance, character and suppleness. The eaux-de-vie were then aged in both young and old French oak casks. When the time was right, the Cognac was bottled at 43°C – “cask strength,” crafted as a single batch.



XO Carafe 2Three cognacs from Bache-Gabrielsen: "Tre Kors" "XO Decanter" "Sérénité"
Oct/Nov 2016 National, imported and distributed by The Winebow Group
Tre Kors $29.99 for 750 ml; XO Decanter $99.99 for 750 ml; Sérénité $169.99 for 750 ml

Bache-Gabrielsen has unveiled three new additions to its growing portfolio. Joining the esteemed cognac house’s diverse portfolio includes: Tre Kors, named in honor of the Bache-Gabrielsen family legacy, XO Decanter, which is aged for an average of 25 years in Limousin oak casks, and the most premium of their current offerings, Sérénité. The new cognacs are arriving at a critical time of year, when the demand of dark spirits, specifically eaux de vies, are especially high.
In addition to the three new products, American Oak, a first-of-its-kind cognac aged in brand new American oak barrels and released earlier this year, remains exclusive to the states and has been embraced by retailers and bartenders nationwide.


Miel de Tierra Mezcal
Fall 2016 national $53 - $82

Preiss Imports has added Miel de Tierra Mezcal to its award-winning lineup. Miel de Tierra (“Earth’s Honey”) is a 100% agave artisan Mezcal,. Natural honey sap emanates from special white oak trees in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. The fresh timber is handcrafted into barrels that house the Miel de Tierra Mezcal for months in the catacombs of the company’s hacienda. The presence of the honey that flows from the oak imparts a delicate flavor, resulting in a Mezcal that is representative of the pure ingredients minus the assertive smokiness often found in others on the market. 

All Miel de Tierra Mezcals are 40%alc./vol. Preiss Imports currently carries the following from the collection:

• Miel de Tierra Mezcal Joven (The Puritan):  Limited edition.
• Miel de Tierra Mezcal Agave Salmiana (The Classic): This mezcal is made from wild Salmiana Agaves that only grow in the secluded region of San Luis Potosi in Central Mexico. 
• Miel De Tierra Mezcal Reposado (The Grandfather):  This is the flagship of the series.
• Miel de Tierra Mezcal Añejo Reserva (The Legacy): Five years in the making, this aged Mezcal is the most luxurious of the series. 


Single Hop Spirit
October 6th 2016 Available across NYS
$35.00 for 750ml

Lockhouse Distillery & Bar - Buffalo's first distillery to operate since Prohibition - will be unveiling their new fall seasonal ""Single Hop Spirit"" to the public. Single Hop Spirit is 40 % ABV (80 Proof) and is made from NYS whole cone hops. Each batch of Single Hop Spirit Features the characteristics and qualities of one locally grown hop variety. Citrusy or earthy, piney or floral this product is a new way to express the hops consumers have grown to love in local beers. The product uses hops grown and harvested by Willet Hop Farm & Niagara Malt and Hops. Individual batches were made in collaboration with the following breweries (hop variety used in parenthesis): Big Ditch Brewing Co. (Cascade), Hamburg Brewing Co. (Chinook), Old First Ward Brewing (Crystal), Resurgence Brewing Co. (Alpha Aroma), Thin Man Brewery (Michigan Copper), New York beer Project (Tahoma)

Single Hop Spirit is 40 % ABV (80 Proof) and is made from NYS whole cone hops.



Vulson White Rhino French Alpine Rye
Autumn 2016 Launching nationwide. Currently stocked in New York, Illinois and Texas

French sustainable distiller Domaine des Hautes Glaces launched Vulson White Rhino Rye in the USA. Vulson is a 100% organic rye harvested, distilled and bottled in the heart of the French Alps.  Vulson White Rhino Rye has an ABV of 41%.



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