All the Cocktails and Spirits Books Published in 2016 for Reading or Gifting
Cocktails with Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Gifts for Getting or Giving from Bay Area Bars

I love bar souvenirs, because they remind me of bars I like when I'm not in them (which is rare).

With this list you can start your quest to collect them all. The good news/bad news is that almost none of these places have online stores so you'll probably need to go in for a drink.

I didn't include places that just sell t-shirts.



Gin and Tonic Glass from Whitechapel

It costs $10+tax.

photo credit: Kelly Puleio


Tiki Mug from Smuggler's Cove

The mug is $20, or filled with a drink (The Expedition) for $28.

SC Kuhiko Mug. Photo Credit to Allison Webber
SC Kuhiko Mug. Photo Credit: Allison Webber


"Girtha" Muddler from Comstock Saloon

The original version of this super fat, sugar cube-busting muddler Jonny Raglin created out of a bar railing that wasn't needed after they renovated the space. After numerous bartender inquiries, they had it recreated by Mr Mojito, though it's only available at the bar. The muddler alone is $29, or it is sold with a mini sugar spoon and Old-Fashioned glass for $40. 




Rye on the Road Pitcher Protectors at Rye

Locally-made protectors for precious Japanese cocktail pitchers. They are available online here or at the bar for $30. 



Challenge Coins and Donor Flasks at The Interval

Challenge coins and flasks as donations of $100 & $200 to the non profit that oversees our bar, The Long Now Foundation.






Punch To Go from Novela

For $20 you get a bottle of non-alcoholic punch mix, that you stir together with equal parts water and liquor at home. There are currently three options and each combo makes 8-10 glasses of punch.





The Drinking Deck at Holy Water



Caged Heat Spicy Cocktail Syrup at Sidebar-Oakland and Southside Spirit House



Cards and Dominoes from The Homestead

I haven't seen these, but rumor has it they exist.  



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