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You Gotta Read a Lot of Books to Write a Book

I may have mentioned that I wrote a book that came out a week ago. Can I interest you in purchasing one

The book in question is largely a history of malaria (and the quinine that cures the disease), as quinine was discovered around 1630 in Peru, and people were not drinking Gin & Tonics recreationally until the mid-1800s in India. There are a lot of years in there.

So instead of researching a million cocktail books as I do most of the time, I read a million history-of-disease books. The amazing thing is that none of them address tonic water, except for passing mentions. So then I had to read a million product ads in historical medical journals. And books on botany by 19th Century South American explorers. And then books on gin and classic cocktail books. 



It was awesome, and I'm falling in love with the history of science and medicine. I guess this is just a long intro to show off the number of books I've read (well this is some of them anyway) on in order to write my little sub-100 page tonic water book. 

I haven't finished all of these - the history of chemistry books I'm really looking forward to, as I want to better understand the history of carbonation and the understanding and development of air and gas science.

But that's why you're buying the book  (you are buying the book, aren't you?), to help support my further research into the history of this amazing cocktail, and all the science behind it. 

Hooray for books! Hooray for smarter drinking!