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I Guess We'll Put Hops in Anything Now

So you think you're a bartender now?

When I'm making cocktails at events I'm often asked where else I bartend. The answer is "nowhere."

When I'm talking to my bartender friends and mention making cocktails, they all say some version of, "Wait what? You're bartending now?" The answer is "sorta."

In the last two or three years I've been making thousands of drinks each year, but pretty much all of them are served at events and conferences. I design, prepare, and serve cocktails, usually with an educational component or display. Themes have ranged from "Hey, shrubs!" to "Frozen Dinosaur Incubator Laboratory." A fair portion of my income now comes from this activity. 

So yes, I make drinks for a living. But no, I've never had to serve drinks while taking money from customers. I'm slow enough at just cranking out partially-batched drinks in sufficient time (while providing excellent customer service and education though), but let's not kid ourselves.

I bartend, but I'm not really a bartender. Dancing around your living room doesn't make you a ballerina. 


Camper English bartending Google event
photo credit: Google, Inc.


p.s. If you want to hire me to bartend there is some info here.