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How to Freeze a Spiralized Lime Inside a Clear Ice Ball Sphere

Lime Spiral Inside Clear Ice Sphere (18)
You can freeze pretty much anything inside a clear ice sphere using Directional Freezing, the technique I pioneered here on Alcademics.


As I've written previously, to make clear ice spheres you can use directional freezing with an ice ball mold on top of a thermos-style insulated container.

Specifically, I use a Thermos Funtainer and this 2.5" ice ball mold as they work perfectly together. 

Fill both the ice ball mold and the container with water (I use filtered water; no need to distilled or anything). Place the ice ball upside-down atop the thermos. It takes 20 or so hours to freeze in my freezer. 


Photo Mar 27  8 05 06 PM (1) Photo Mar 27  8 02 21 PM



Once you understand the basics, you can simply add objects inside the ice ball mold with the water to freeze. Make sure to shake them to get any air bubbles out and fill them to the top. 

To make this lime spiral, I used this little tool called the Chef'n Lemon-Aid Citrus Spiralizer. I was trying it out and couldn't think of what to do with the spiralized lime once I'd made it. So I popped it into my ice ball mold, froze it overnight, and BEHOLD!


lime spiral inside clear ice ball

Photo Mar 29  8 29 56 AM

lime spiral inside clear ice ball


So, that came out pretty awesome.