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MixerpicksOver at New Booze, I keep track of the spirits that have launched over the year. Here at Mixer Picks I'll keep track of new mixers. 



Q Drinks launches Q Indian Tonic Water

Image001Q Indian Tonic Water varies from the original Q Tonic Water in that it is purpose-built to complement juniper-forward London Dry gins.  While the original Q Tonic Water pairs well with subtler gins because it allows these subtleties to shine, Q Indian Tonic Water, as a more bitter and slightly sweeter tonic water, provides a better balance to stronger, more juniper-forward gins. Additionally, the new Indian Tonic is sweetened with organic cane sugar as opposed to the agave used for the original Q Tonic. 

The line of Q drinks products also have an updated look and size.  The new bottles are 6.7 ounces, down from 9 ounces. The new 6.7-ounce Q Drinks bottles will continue to be sold in 4-packs, but the suggested retail price will be reduced from $7.99 to $5.99.