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Popular Scotch Cocktails of 1967

This year my pal Mike gave me a 1967 calendar from a liquor store. The dates from 1967 align with 2017, and it turns out the liquor store is from my hometown, so as far as gift-giving goes, Mike knocked it out of the park. 

On the backs of the calendar months are helpful advice for cocktailing and hosting.

Here is the page for Scotch Drinks to Please Your Fancy. I haven't heard of most of these.



Here is the calendar front.



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Blair Frodelius

How did I not know you are from Binghamton? Just down the road from me.

Camper English

Well, I didn't like it much but luckily my family moved after I graduated college. Was last there in 1993!

Blair Frodelius

Yeah, there's not much to do in the southern tier. SF has got to be better. ;)


Ha, I just went down such a internet hole looking up Calisaya. US prohibition, jesuit monks, cure for malaria. crazy.

Camper English

Hah, I could have saved you some effort - I wrote a whole book about cinchona/quinine/calisaya :)




My wife and I are trying a Modern Cocktail right now. For two I used 1 1/3 oz Johnnie Walker Black, 2 oz Spirit Works sloe gin, 4 dashes Regan's orange bitters, 1/2 tsp La Sorcière absinthe, 1 tsp 2:1 simple syrup, and a twist of lemon. I'm always looking for a good use of sloe gin. I'm sure I've never mixed it with Scotch before. We're liking it.

On the subject of things from where we grew up, I stirred it with a Brentwood Liquor stirrer I bought at an antique store in Fresno in 1997. Brentwood Liquor was next to Brentwood Bowl in Millbrae. I have no idea if either is still there. I grew up next door in South San Francisco.

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