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Fun with Limes Inside Clear Ice Balls

Photo Apr 04  11 41 43 AMUsing this method of directional freezing (developed here on Alcademics) with thermos containers and ice ball molds to maximize the clarity of ice balls, I have been playing around with putting objects inside ice spheres. 

I first did a spiralized lime that you can see here - it came out pretty awesomely. 

Then the other day I made some lime wedges and lime slices and put them in my ice ball molds. 

When you freeze limes, it squeezes out some of the juice so the ice ball isn't crystal-clear as it is using this method with solid objects, but it still looks great and inside a cocktail you'd probably not notice. 

Photo Apr 01  12 07 47 PM (1)

Photo Apr 04  11 43 09 AM (1)

Photo Apr 04  11 43 41 AM

Photo Apr 04  11 50 04 AM

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I had the same issues with the lime juice clouding the ice when I froze lime slices in my Tovolo Clear Sphere system. By the way, the Tovolo is a pretty good, much less expensive version of what the Wintersmith's does. Makes four at a time too.

Camper English

I use a bunch of the thermos ones (and just ordered a ton more), but at the 4-ball level it looks like your Tovolo one comes in at a better price!

Camper English

Ooh maybe I'll try using dehydrated lime slices next time. No juice to move around.

Alan Chen

Have you had a chance to test this product out yet? I looked at the customer photos. Some turned out clear, but many people got cloudy ice.

Camper English

Hi - No I haven't. I saw that it got mixed reviews. A lot of it could depend on freezer use/space as if you're jiggling the tray around (any tray) in the freezer it will come out cloudy as it shakes up the bubbles. I may try it in the future.

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