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Summer Cooler Cocktails to Enjoy in 1967

My friend gifted me a 1967 "Friendly Host" calendar from a liquor store in upstate New York. On the backs of the calendar months are helpful advice for cocktailing and hosting.

The dates from 1967 align with this year, though the drinks are a little bit different to what we enjoy now.... or are they? (Yeah, for the most part they are.)

This page is for Summer Coolers. I'm not sure I would categorize a Jack Rose or this "Five-Legged Mule" as summer drinks, but hey I'm just a guy living in 2017. 



Plus as a bonus, here's the calendar's Party Preparation Guide. The Tips for "Good Mixing" start out well and then.... you'll see. 




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"Grenadine is for color, not for flavor."

Who's going to break this news to Jennifer Colliau?

Camper English

Rigggght? But in previous research I found that fake grenadine is probably more authentic than real grenadine.


That's great. I didn't remember that David Embury wrote the exact same thing. The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks is what got me started on the road to quality cocktails. I bought a copy at a book sale at the San Bruno Public Library in 1986 for 10ยข. It was my bible for years.

Camper English

One of the very best!

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