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Bad-Idea Cocktail Ingredients in the New Issue of Imbibe

In the new issue of Imbibe (US), M Carrie Allan has a story about dangerous cocktail ingredients in which I'm quoted. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.59.22 AM


She covers things like tobacco, homemade tonic water, and marijuana; and has a sidebar of other potentially-dangerous ingredients worth knowing about.

As you may know, that's  been something I've been writing about for a few years. Here's the original post about the potential danger of homemade tonic water dating back to 2014, and here is Darcy O'Neil's post about the dangers of tobacco infusions from 2011.

Last summer, Avery Glasser of Bittermens Bitters and I gave a talk about dangerous cocktail ingredients. Avery is also quoted extensively in this story. For that talk Avery and I wrote up a Danger Guide that we're considering publishing in some form (probably an ebook) to have more information out there. 

Though Avery and I have been talking about this extensively, I didn't realize how many people have not heard about these issues, so I'm very grateful to Carrie and Imbibe for putting dangerous cocktail ingredients front and center in front of a new and larger audience. The reaction I've been seeing has been great. 

Give it a read, please!





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Warren Bobrow

Dangerous. Yes. I like being dangerous. The kind that makes hearts beat faster. Yes. Better to be dangerous than boring any day.

Thank you for ensuring my success and dare I say infamy.

Cannabismo Online Dispensary

Interesting! I will definitely keep this in mind and will always proceed with precaution, say "know" not "no"! ;)

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