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Edible Flowers Frozen in Incredibly Clear Ice Balls

I'm on a mission to freeze everything I can get my hands on into crystal clear ice balls. 

To make them clear, I'm using a thermos and ice ball mold - you can read about the method to make clear ice spheres on this post. 

In the past, I've made plain clear spheres, spheres with a spiralized lime, and a whole bunch of other lime slices and wedges. It's been fun.

You can see all of the many ice experiments at Alcademics here at the Index of Ice Experiments.

I also bought a bunch of edible flowers and toyed with those. Note that if you're going to reproduce these at home, it's really important to use edible flowers, not regular flowers that may have been coated with pesticides and such. 

I started with edible orchids:


Photo Apr 09  1 58 14 PM

orchid frozen in ice sphere


I also tried other flowers: 


edible flower frozen in ice sphere
edible flower frozen in ice sphere
Photo Apr 09  2 38 49 PM (2)
edible flower frozen in ice sphere


Once again you can read about how to do that here.

And for more pics of my ongoing ice experiments, check out my Instagram page.  

You can see all of the many ice experiments at Alcademics here at the Index of Ice Experiments.



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Casey Lee Conner

Check out our flowers balls!
I want to try the spiral limes too!
IG - iceicemaybe

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