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A Proliferation of Stunt Gins in your choice of Blue, Moonrock, or Insect-Flavored

Hundreds of new gin brands launch each year, and each one is looking to stand out from the rest. For a long time, that was accomplished with a unique, and often local, botanical such a seaweed, cocoa nibs, or bog myrtle.


Stunt gins


Then a while back several producers (lead by The Cambridge Distillery) started putting ants in their gin. (Supposedly the ants taste like lime and cardamom.)

Soon, there was Unicorn Tears gin liqueur with glitter in the bottle. 

The other day I saw the launch of Moonshot Gin, made with "botanicals sent to the edge of space and "actual moon rock muddled amongst the other botanicals." 

At-empress-1908-001_sqAnd just today I received a press release for Empress 1908 Gin, a bright indigo color-changing gin made with butterfly pea flower tea. It changes color when the pH changes after you add citrus to it in cocktails. (Bartenders have been using this in recent years for the same effect, but typically as a syrup not mixed in with the booze.)


Personally, I never mind kooky versions of spirits- they keep this industry fun, even if most are not necessarily the best-quality examples of the category. 

I think we're at the beginning of a long trend of stunt gins that's going to make grass-flavored vodka look tame in comparison. 

Welcome to the future.