Phylloxera, Gin, and Scotch Whisky
Freezing Mini Bottles Inside Collins Ice Cube Spears

Fire Inside Ice (Okay, Fireball inside an Ice Ball)

For years, bars including Chicago's Aviary have been serving drinks inside hollow ice balls. The procedure to make one is easy, at least in theory.

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Freeze a balloon or an ice ball mold filled with water for a few hours. An ice shell will form on the outside. 


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Poke a hole in the ice ball and dump out the water. Refill with a (very well chilled) cocktail.  Some bars do with a syringe so that you don't have to open a real hole in the ice ball.


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Then serve it. I did this at home and thought it would be fun/funny to create Fire Inside Ice - so I filled by ice ball with Fireball cinnamon whiskey.

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Then for a bit of a show I filmed dropping it in slow motion. Enjoy.