Fire Inside Ice (Okay, Fireball inside an Ice Ball)
Freeze Liquor Bottles Inside an Ice Tube for Better Bottle Service

Freezing Mini Bottles Inside Collins Ice Cube Spears

Party Trick! Using an insulated cooler and some gift boxes, you can make super clear tall collins glass ice spears with mini bottles frozen inside them.  

If you're new to Directional Freezing, check out the Index of Ice Experiments where it is explained. 

Disaronno minis in ice (26)

I bought plastic gift boxes from The Container Store to make tall ice spears a while back. Check out that post here. Note that for commercial purposes, these gift boxes aren't certified food safe, so I wouldn't go trying to scale up a bar program with them. (They're also hard plastic and crack easily.)

More recently, I decided to freeze some Disaronno minis inside of them for an event. They came out adorably awesome.

Simply fill the cooler with gift boxes and the gift boxes with minis. Fill the cooler (both inside the gift boxes and outside around it) with water. Let it freeze into a block. 

Disaronno minis in ice (9)
Disaronno minis in ice (9)
Disaronno minis in ice (9)


Then with a great deal of patience, separate out each of the boxes and turn them over so that the cubes slide out. Fun times. 

Disaronno minis in ice (8)
Disaronno minis in ice (8)
Disaronno minis in ice (8)
Disaronno minis in ice (8)


Maybe I should have actually put one inside a collins glass so you could see how it looks. 

Check out all the ice experiments on Alcademics at this link.



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Andrew W

And then what happens? I don’t get it. Yes, looks cool for a few seconds, but then what do I do with it?

Camper English

You could drink it as a shot, use it as an ice cube for another drink, or use the method to freeze other stuff in clear ice cubes.

This is so cool! Would small milk cartons work?

Camper English

I think they probably would. The trick is that the ice doesn't stick to the paper but milk cartons were made for that. Worth a shot!

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