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Camper English: Journalist, Speaker, Influencer, or Whatever

Camper Science ShirtI recently had to fill out my occupation on a form and put "journalist," which is only accurate in that all my work comes from the idea that I'm a journalist, but inaccurate in that I don't really do all that much journalism these days outside of some posts here on Alcademics. 

Lately I spend a lot of time researching talk subjects, giving talks, judging cocktail competitions, doing brand consulting, and making drinks at special events for the tech crowd of SF.

My social media accounts have become kind of a thing where I share interesting stories and topics (Twitter) and images of new products and books (Instagram), so in that sense I get to be an 'influencer.' And lately I get quoted a lot in stories that other journalists are writing, mostly about cocktail safety, ice, and tonic water. 

For sure all that other work comes because of all the journalism I've done in the past, but as journalism is the lowest-paying thing one can do, I tend towards other work when possible. I really need to write some more books so I can simply be 'author' because that's forever, while journalism is an ongoing occupation.   

This isn't something that bothers or upsets me; I just realized I'm not so much of a journalist anymore but I don't really know what I am. Influencer? Educator? Just plain fabulous?

I might stick with 'journalist' for now.