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A Look at Cold Drinks, the New Bar Inside China Live in SF

So, So Many Cocktail Menu Launches in San Francisco

RHYMES-FOR-WEBIf you're the sort of (messed-up) person who likes to feel up-to-date on the cocktails at bars San Francisco, you've got your work cut out for you this month. I'm counting at least eight bars that have changed over their menus recently. A brief summary:


  1. PCH launched their new menu on July 28th.   It's not on the website yet, so here it is as a PDF file.  PCH_Summer Menu 2017
  2. The Alembic's new summer cocktail menu online appears to be online and you can find it here
  3. The Loews Regency Hotel in SF (which used to be the Mandarin Oriental) is now doing a happy hour on the 40th floor, Thursday - Saturday: 4:30 – 8:00 PM as part of a Spirits in the Sky program. I'm going to check it out soon - follow the Alcademics Instagram account for pics. 
  4. Trick Dog launched their latest menu with the usual fanfare. This one is a rhyming menu shaped like an illustrated children's book. 
  5. Cold Drinks is a new "hidden" bar that seats 50 people inside China Live. I'm also checking out this bar this week. 
  6. Mourad has released a new menu of drinks by new bar manager JP Smith. I'm also checking out this bar this week, so yeah, pray for my liver. 
  7. Barcino is the Spanish restaurant run by the Absinthe Group in the space that was the Boxing Room. So basically it's Bellota-light. The drink menu doesn't appear to be online but you can download it here as a PDF  Barcino_BarBook
  8. ABV has changed up the concept of Overproof, the tasting menu of cocktails and food. It was previously a whiskey concept, but now it will be gin, sherry, and Iberian food. 

Get out there and get drinking people.