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At Bar Convent Berlin? Come See Me Speak!

BCB_logo_17Will you be at Bar Convent Berlin next week? If so, then you should probably come see me talk about the Gin and Tonic. It's going to be good times. 



The Weird and Wild History of the Gin & Tonic

Tonic water aka gandt wtf by camper english cover small RutteThe iconic G&T is a delicious combination of malaria medicine and flea repellent with a squeeze of scurvy preventative. Yum. We will guide you through nearly 400 years of G&T history including the discovery of cinchona bark, the invention of the color mauve, why it’s really a Dutch drink, the creation of carbonation, practicing safe syrup, the true cause of the Spanish G&T renaissance, and more! 

I'm giving a talk sponsored by Rutte gins on both days of the convention at 2:30 PM.

On Tuesday October 10th in Demonstration Bar A. details

On Wednesday October 11th in Demonstration Bar B.  details

I've got a funky suit with tulips on it, Steffen Zimmermann will be my matching "maxi-me," we have a custom-designed stage set-up, and I'm pretty sure they're giving out copies of my book AKA G&T WTF to attendees. 



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